FROCAST: Episode #236

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2016 is almost over and I (Saule Wright) got the best present ever. Fisher is fired. We talk about my Rams fandom as well Kanye Trump, 32 years of jail going for $75 bucks, and a lot of other shit. The FROCAST is here…

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  • King Jerm

    I hope they ain’t take that Sea/LA bet…the Hawks covered.


    Good episode of the frocast. Crazy segment on Kanye meeting Donald Trump with that weird ass blond haircut he got now. WTF? SMH! Cool segment on J. Cole’s new album. I like the album, and I agree with the rating being a 4 out of 5/maybe a 4.5 out of 5. Interesting segments about Hip Hop Evolution, Black Streaming App, and TV Talk. Crazy ass segments on dude doing 31/32 years for something he didn’t do, but when he gets out, he gets $75. WTF?!! And another dude gets the electric chair and survives the execution. Cool segments on Keep It 100 and Winners and Losers of the week. Good episode.


    Also, I’m cool with another episode of the frocast for next week.

  • B-Easy

    JPM didn’t give that min-review on J. Cole. It was John Morgan II AKA nappyafro’s own Nyck Niytro ~

    • King Jerm

      Oops! No one is free from the slander. But my apologies to JPM.

  • The 10 minutes y’all spent on the man wrongfully sent to jail and Saule Wright’s mindset in Prison has to be on the highlight reel of this year.

  • Jamonte’ Thomas

    -Trump makin niggas kiss the ring.
    -The Exxon dude is head of Foreign Policy. From what I saw on The Daily Show, he’s gonna unblock some sanctions in Russia to get the oil poppin back over there.
    -There’s no way Trump can be that dude that people that voted for him can be.
    -I only want to go to NYC for the food, lmao. Hip-hop landmarks, I don’t think is that appealing, in the long-term.
    -“Boss Nigga” is the greatest soundtrack song ever, lmao.
    -I’m sure that wild fruit is just custom-made to destroy a human’s stomach.
    -Lee Daniels had that bullshit “The nation needs to heal” explanation for why his new show doesn’t have a Black lead.
    -$75 is the reason Johnny Cochran needs to still be alive.
    -Lmao, I’d probably be the nigga reading all the law text and getting other niggas out, and I can’t get my ass out.
    -You hear your sentence is triple-digits, you can’t do anything but black out.
    -You really don’t want to know how many actual innocent people are in there. This dude was in there for 30+ years, and lil dude that was actually guilty got 6 months.
    -You say all your goodbyes to niggas, go through all the sadness, and then they see you getting walked back to your cell after the failed execution. LEGEND STATUS.
    -With all the online searching I do for work, I rack up Bing points, and use those to buy extra 1 month Xbox subscriptions.
    -I wanna figure out how to play guitar and scratch records. Not professionally, just for my personal entertainment.
    -Where do you find PNB Nation shit?
    -Falcons stadium is unnecessary as shit, but I do like driving by it every now and then. It looks awesome. The new Braves stadium is lookin good, and they’re about to put almost $200M into Philips.
    -It looks like you can jump from the Dome to the new stadium, on some Assassin’s Creed shit.