R&B Sunday: 6LACK – “Luving U”


Black Twitter is really an amazing atmosphere for multi-cultural creatives. While (white) people are wondering why certain things are popular, Black Twitter participants already know the origin and life expectancy of the latest trends. Whether it’s the latest challenge, slang, or celebrity, it’s apparent that ALL publications need diversity in their staff to keep up with Black culture AKA Pop Culture. Anyway, let’s talk music. My future girlfriend and Fabolous critic, Scottie Beam posted a pic on IG with an artist named 6LACK, who had a project coming out titled, Free 6LACK.

We are living heavy into the era of musicians breaking on the internet. Following the release of Free 6LACK, my timeline was buzzing with mentions and hashtags related to the unknown artist. Thanks to Soundcloud, which is losing my love for it every day with every push to make me buy a subscription and kill off podcasts that play music, I finally listened to the 11 track project. Twice in one day and more full listens of the entire project are to come before the end of 2016, today I share my favorite, “Luving U”. Let me know what y’all think!