The FRO Horsemen: Episode #114


It’s rambling time! Your trusty duo of Young Dick Gregory and Mr. Swipe Right are back to bring you updates on Smackdown, Raw, and this weekend’s Clash of The Champions PPV. They also keep it real in a way that only the Blackest wrestling podcast ever can. Never safe, never scared, and never coherent, this is the show you need from the guys you wanna hear it from. Ring the damn bell!


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  • saulewright

    I don’t mind the Cena sitting outside the ring thing, it’s longform ass storytelling. They’re giving us the glimpse that he’s aging, not the best anymore, that he’s gonna fight to get the belt again to match Flair. I TOTALLY believe that VKM plans to make Cena the 17x champion and nobody will top that while he’s alive.

    I think we make a bigger deal of the age of wrestlers than they do. Like, the Kendrick thing is mentioned because even as old man built as he is, HE is the anomaly. His wrestling style, it’s amazing that he’s still working. Cena has been doing 3 moves for the better part of 12 years. It’s not amazing that he’s that age still fighting…you ain’t done much. Hell, you’re most aggressive moves have come in the last 5 years.

    Jax – Kendrick ( wins I believe, heel and can face more of the crew ) – Cesaro (I hope Cesaro decides to jump to smackdown and face Miz for HIS title, Rusev – New Day – Jericho – Charlotte (although GQ story is perfect) – Owens

    (Didn’t Big E do his thang against Dolph?)

    Mauro, that’s his thing. I heard him doing a MMA show and he was doing the shit there too.