Andrea Lewis/Jungle Wild Productions Present Web Series ‘Beyond Complicated’ (Part 2)

While everyone is watching The Get Down on Netflix and I’m recovering from 12 hours of overtime by catching up on Mr. Robot, (This show is so good), Scream (This show is bland, but the third to last episode with Kiana Lede was surprisingly good), Maron (Can’t believe it’s over), and maybe Animal Kingdom if I have time (There’s only one character on this whole show I want to see alive), I want to remind everyone of a show that was introduced in March.

The second half of the first season of the dramatic relationship web series, Beyond Complicated is finally here. Created by Andrea Lewis and KarynRose Bruyning, Beyond Complicated is the deep look into an unstable relationship between Him and Her. Trust issues, lies, and more keep them from a perfect love story and over three episodes we get to see why.

Him and Her have a long conversation after 3 weeks of silence coming off of the party in Episode 104 .

Created & Written By: Andrea Lewis and KarynRose Bruyning

Directed By: William Alex Runnels

Produced By:
Andrea Lewis
Brian Walker
KarynRose Bruyning


HER – Antoinette Henry
HIM – Skyler James