Watch The Trailer For The Farting Corpse Film ‘Swiss Army Man’

Swiss Army Man

I became a fan of Paul Dano after seeing him star in Ruby Sparks. Daniel Radcliffe has been one of my favorite since the first Harry Potter film. To hear that the two of them would be starring in a movie together was great news. The plot of that film has me kind of skeptical.

Swiss Army Man is the story of a man (Dano) stranded on an island that finds a corpse (Radcliffe) and begins to bond with the man and use him for more than just a human connection.

I heard about the premise and the walkouts at the Sundance premiere, but I got to admit the Daniels (Daniel Scheinert and Dan Kwan) directed film does look interesting. I might give this a try. The A24 production (the same company that put out Springbreakers, Tusk, Ex-Machina, and other weird, specific films) is expected to be released on June 17th. What y’all think?