As 2015 comes to it’s grand closing, I wanted to end the year celebrating with my often neglected baby, the Ratchet City Podcast. Thanks to a bigger role at Nappyafro this year, my output on my outlet for great conversations with people I believe are dope has been scarce. I talked to a favorite past guest of mine by the name of Olivia Jordan Lewis to get her opinion on my “Top 5 Dead Or Alive: Most Stylish Rappers” list.

Pusha T
UGK (I know this is a cheat, but they never get their credit for style, music, production, and lyrics. It’s always about Outkast if anyone names a group from the South.)

I also share my “Most Overrated Stylish Rappers List” (Travis Scott, Wiz Khalifa, Lil’ Wayne, Kid Cudi, and Cam’ron), try to figure why is DJ Khaled’s snapchat so lit, and what’s the fashion like in Toronto.

Any fashion or make-up questions, Hit Her Up!

Twitter: JordannLewis
YouTube: Olivia Jordan Lewis
Instagram: oliviaajordann
Snapchat: oliviajordanlew


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