FROCAST: Episode #147


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This show is made up of two main things, TV and Music. What more do you want? We of course get into our usual shows and then hit you off with some music topics like Geraldo’s funky ass statement on hip hop being more detrimental to black and brown folks than racism, people that you won’t believe have never won a Grammy, and Azealia Banks posing for Playboy. We also get into other stories like the barber givin’ folks the Cul de sac (thanks Jerm) for misbehaving, yet ANOTHER quick update on the Detroit walking man, and this picture happened. So rock with us, it’s another episode of the best podcast nobody gives props to, the frocast.

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The dopest staff from the dopest site ever.

    Good show. I want to say Black Liquorice and ATM Jam for the 2 Azalea Banks songs. I think remember the video for Black Liquorice when she was a cowgirl and I remember her being mad at Pharrell for not promoting ATM Jam, but I never heard the actual song. Pay Me! Wayne wore the zebra leggings at the VMAs for Carter 4. The show about the guy in college on BET was called Somebodies. I got to check out ‘Fresh Off The Boat.” I don’t know what people want, I saw a comment this week about there being a lack of black couples on TV, they were happy to see Black people on TV, but not a fan of interracial couples on ‘Empire.’ WTF? I’m surprised All-star weekend didn’t get mentioned for sports talk. It’s crazy how serious people are taking ’50 Shades.’ Anyway, welcome back GQ Blu.

    • saulewright


  • Jamonte’ Thomas

    Still listening to the show, but “L8r” & “Seventeen” are the 2 A. Banks songs I know.

  • mjmoney9s .

    First and foremost is up with my boys at Plano east, hi Rose, second i Fuck with sharks chicken, Rose we fucking in the pool, third i disappear For like three months when i switc barbers, last who the fuck is azalea banks.


    Cool episode of the frocast. The updates on the walking man from Detroit is getting more crazy. Great and funny segment on TV shows. I’ma check out Fresh Off the Beat whenever I get a chance. Also, great and crazy segment on music. Geraldo Rivera is full of shit for making that comment about Hip Hop and just bringing up Hip Hop while talking about something else. IMO, Drake’s album/mixtape is decent, but I guess the more I listen to it, my opinion might change. Azealia Banks posing for Playboy? Who gives a fuck? Like King Jerm said, Azealia Banks is being more known for pretty much for making comments on damn near any and everything, shit talking, and everything else, but not known for her music. Crazy segment on Grammys. I figured Eminem was gonna win for Best Rap Album. It’s even more crazy is the list of artists that have never won a grammy. Cool segment on Winners and Losers of the week.

  • B-Easy

    I fuck with “Fuck Up The Fun”