The Top 5 Worst Rappers In The Game

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The Top 5 Worst Rappers In The Game

You’re already aware of the presence that’s walked into the building. I came in with a vengeance b. I got a full bottle of Hennessey son, and a handful of gems. I got a lot to say, and I been doing a lot of thinking.

What exactly is a trash rapper? Is it the flow, the image, the bars (or lack thereof)? Is it the lack of impact on the culture? Who knows. And while these rappers may have a lot of fans…they are indeed terrible RAPPERS. They’re supposed to RAP…so and they CAN’T. I have to emphasize the word RAP to you children out there who get too offended. Aight without further ado, let’s get into it.


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    Nice. Real nice list, I’d agree with every selection.

  • Quentin Maurice Moore

    Thank you. And fuck you lames that like these dudes’ beats. Except MGK. Don’t nobody but dirt road white kids like his ass.

  • KaDarreus Profanity Lollis

    I disagree with Young Thug, Tyga and you definitely tripping on MGK

    There so many great songs from MGK and Tyga mixtapes are amazing

    • King Jerm


    • jay dm

      Cool out

  • Visionary

    Man this that bullshit this dude said tyga mixtape are amazing it’s too early for this

  • Dreman650

    Disagree with tyga

  • NASty thee vILLain

    I do not disagree with this list at all b

  • HeroHalo

    5. Yes. He should never ever be rapping. Quite possibly the laziest flow in the game. How you THAT wack with Weezy writing for you?

    4. Some of his friends told homie he could rap and he tried it out. It ain’t workin’. Aint heard shit on the radio since “Wild Boy”. Trash can. Yet somehow, mad of the fans vouch for this dude. I don’t get it.

    3. You know, sometimes he says some substantial shit. Sometimes. It’s still shit, tho. ANNNNND on top of that he just got dropped from Interscope. Guess they got the memo a little late.

    2. I mean, why even try anymore. This nigga is the epitomy of “light-skinned rapper privilege”. No bars. Maybe “Dueces”. MAYBE.

    1. Fuck this nigga. End of story. I’m not even gunna raise my blood pressure talking about this clown.

    Great write-up/list. I fux wit the Based God, tho. Sometimes he actually goes in. I understand Wale being the honorable mentions list. Dude is just straight uninteresting to me. Wiz can flow tho. I actually fuck wit him more nowadays. Anyway, your summaries were right on point.

  • Versace Rob

    Spot on Dawg

  • Junior Perez

    I agree with your list outside of the honorable mentions. Wale can actually rap, when he wants to. Most of the time he feels like people want to hear his Bed Bath and Beyond tales of some random hoe wearing Jordan Retros on all in some Open Mic on the corner spoken word format. As for Hopsin, dude can actually rap but he is a pure Eminem spin off, whose main purpose is to the answer the question of: “What if Eminem was black? Would he be as successful?”… the answer to that question is Hopsin

  • JG Hunna

    Extremely upsetting that MGK is anywhere on this list cuz he has undisputable flow 🙁 Everybody else is accurate as hell

  • CJ


  • Milo Boston

    Birdman is so tired and late. MGK is so so for me because I don’t rock with him how I used to before his debut album. Chief Keef is trash. No doubt. His music makes me channel my inner hoodrat though.

  • B-Easy

    “Hey man, got that new Chief Keef album!”

    • ayo…


  • jean cetra

    Young Thug, MGK and Tyga are bad enough to make this list lol. Where is Riff Raff, Lil B, Big Sean, Quavo, Trinidad Jame$?

    • xHAI_ayo_JOJOx

      Big Sean?

      • jean cetra

        Yes big sean he is horrible

    • Adrian A.D. Peterson

      Lol the RIFF Raff and Trinidad dont even count as rappers anymore them niggas is horrific

  • B-Easy

    “Hey everybody, let’s listen to this new MGK mixtape!”

  • Adrian A.D. Peterson

    I called Chief Kief the “Sosa nigga’ for like 2 years because he’s so sorry that he doesnt deserve to be called by his name like he is top 10 worst ever. MGK is the great white hope who’s made me never want to hear white rappers ever again.Seriously how garbage must you be to make me not want to hear Eminem again? he’s done that. Consider this with Tyga, i asked 5 of my homegirls “why do you like Tyga?” They all said he’s sexy af and can’t give me a line from any of his tracks……. he’s a disgrace to lightskin rappers everywhere on this earth. Young Thug… i hate him with a passion from wearing a skirt, calling niggas his babe, to mumbling on every song he’s on. He’s close to making me not listen to rap because he has a fan base smfh. I pray for the day somebody cuts his vocal cords away. Birdman………………. let’s just forget that he’s ever spoken on a mic. 2 disagreements, French Montana has fucked up every song that I have ever heard with him and that’s difficult so he has to at least be an honorable mention and Wale has some bars he just doesnt try so i think he has to get more respect but other then that love the list

  • Eagle Eye

    Disagree with Tyga.. The verse in the video was solid and up to par. Actually I like it a lot. Young Thug should be there even thou he got the club bangers. Souja boy should be there and Silk the Shocker all time worse…. Oh Magoo was horrible too.

  • Jay dm


  • Jamonte’ Thomas

    No real disagreements. I probably would’ve switched Tyga for iLoveMakonnen, if you could consider him a rapper.

  • This Guy

    All understandable, even the honorable mentions. I can’t STAND Tyga and MGK. Young Thug can be hilarious though.

  • Jeffrey Williams

    And now let’s discuss the worst magazine/blog in the game. And the award goes to……nappyafro, who I’ve never heard of until seeing them mentioned on ktt

    • B-Easy

      An award is an award so we’ll take it and put it with the rest of them. Thanks for taking the time to comment on the “the worst magazine/blog in the game”. Maybe one day I’ll be able to visit your website and leave a bullshit comment.

      • Jeffrey Williams

        B easy B-Easy, just accept the award and move on. And besides, you can’t make an entire article about negatively criticizing rappers and get upset when someone mentions their opinion on your website.

  • whit e boy smacker

    You hit the nail on the button i have the same hate for tyga you do

  • Mark Zikiye

    Jesus Christ, I understand you don’t like these rappers but you look like a damn idiot when you curse each one out to high heaven. Shouldn’t there be a degree of professionalism when it comes to writing a column? I definitely think the ‘hater’ accusation is overused in today’s hip hop community but you just come off as a jealous hater… I actually find it easier to listen to music from all the artists you mentioned than reading this garbage. The funny thing is I actually agree that all these artists are pretty bad but the way you executed this is just horrible.

  • RJ Smallz
  • Magneticsnalke

    Hopsin should not be in this list

    • Stru

      He’s got talent, but nobody wanna hear his friendzone bars for three albums straight.

  • Jaden Z

    K… I’m gonna get a lot of shit but Chief Keef should not be on this list. Do I think he’s a good rapper? no I don’t… why? Because he isn’t really a rapper at all. Well sort of… He produces drill music which is sort of like rap but its mainly about killing and drugs and shit. He invented the genre and if you are looking at drill music, Chief Keef is definitely in the top 10 drill artists. Its just a matter of weather u like the genre or not. Also you probably wont like drill unless you live in a hood or have been listening to it for a few years.

  • JTy

    Funk you dude, you probably grew up thinking Shirley fucking Temple dropped bars bitch. Dumbasses like you shouldn’t be born with the ability to form an opinion.

  • JTy

    Man you hating on Tyga and Hopsin?! You my friend…are dumb. I think the problem is that you grew up thinking Shirley Temple dropped bars.

  • biggsmoke

    You forgot Drake.

  • handsomerandyblackladbrad1953

    “Birdman?” So Koko B. Ware.the WWE/WWF’s “Birdman” is a RAPPER????(I thought he was a gospel artist!!!!!!)Oh,this uglya**-clown is “Birdman?” (Why do they call him “Birdman?” Because he’s got a bird brain?In THAT case,95% of rappers could be called “Birdman!!!!!!!!”)

  • handsomerandyblackladbrad1953


  • Furyous

    This is list is some fuck shit. MGK isn’t the worst rapper in the game. Desiigner takes his spot. Fetty Wap belongs on this list. Who are the NappyAfro 10 worst rappers in the game in 2016? Does Young Rahkim make the list?

  • Furyous

    This is list is some fuck shit. MGK isn’t the worst rapper in the game. Desiigner takes his spot. Fetty Wap belongs on this list. Who are the NappyAfro 10 worst rappers in the game in 2016? Does Young Rahkim make the list?

  • P

    I can agree with everyone on this list but Thugga. He’s not a bad rapper he’s just really ridiculous and silly. He can flow to almost any beat and is one of the most martial sounding rappers I’ve ever heard. Can you actually listen to guys like Chance the rapper, Big Sean, Yo Gotti, Blac Youngsta and say they’re better than Thugga?

    • King Jerm

      P from the D??? Where you been nigga?

  • C

    You missed Desiigner and Future. Oh and Rae…whatever their name is. And those bastards with the Versace song. WHACK.

    I think you’re tripping about MGK. He’s better than most of the other new rappers out there.