The FRO Horsemen: Episode #39


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Let’s get ready to Ramble….

This is THE longest episode of The FRO Horsemen to date. GQ gave us some great talking points this week as we wrap up WWE  Raw and give you our weekly gripes and scenarios for about an hour. The second hour is us ranting on racism in the WWE and how we cope with still being fans after all we’ve come to see like “certain” folks riding out on lawnmowers, people being made out to be savages, and using someones culture as a punchline. If you’d rather keep things light an easy, listen for hour one. If you’e want to hear us ramble about the ‘cism, keep going through hour 2. For what it’s worth, the match is about to start…The FRO Horsemen Episode 39.

Sidenote: Like I said, 2 hours…think of it as a iron man match. PLEASE tell us what you think, GQ and I can Ramble for hours and sometimes even make some coherent points…and we’d love to hear yours.

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  • B-Easy
    • saulewright

      bless you

    • John Paul Martin


  • B-Easy

    That interview with Mark Henry was with Jay Mohr

  • John Paul Martin

    How do you hate Beach Chair?

    • saulewright

      Well, the hook sounds asthmatic and the track sounds it came with the walgreens casio keyboard it was made on. That song was crafted from the finest of failtones.

  • John Paul Martin

    I totally understand and support the CM Punk chants.

  • Tim / Teezus

    Great show this week. I’m not black, so I will try not to comment on something I have no business commenting on, however I am Hispanic, and I wouldn’t consider WWE “racist.” I do, on the other hand, view them to judge off stereotypes. We have had countless black dancers, or savages or Mexicans who come out of lawn-mowers (Jesus…), but to play devil advocate, how many white rednecks or bikers have we had in wrestling? WWE is just out of touch with life.