Hope & Predictions For Hip-Hop In 2014

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Hope And Predictions For 2014

Holla! What a crazy year it was for rap music in 2013. Kendrick made the whole world stop from one verse. Kanye’s face appeared more on TMZ then it did MTV. Jay Z crashed the internet.

But before we look ahead into the future with our yearly predictions and hopes segment it’s probably a good idea to look back and see what we got right (and wrong) for this year’s last year’s predictions. Also we’ll see if any of our hopes came true. As always please leave your prediction, hopes and/or dreams for 2014 in the comment section below.

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  • Leul Dede Tafari

    1) Oxymoron is going to be really dope

    2) Isaiah Rashad WILL make the Freshmen List this year

    In general, TDE to rule them all…

  • Rodo

    Nice list. Here’s some of my own that wasn’t mentioned:
    – Chris Brown next album is a big success, but then he takes a hiatus (3-4 years) to get his self together.
    – Chance The Rapper’s debut album will reach critical and commercial acclaim.
    – The TDE takeover will be in full effect.
    – August Alsina and Miguel becomes the new R&B it guys, especially with Trey Songz falling off and Chris Brown acting out.
    – Pharrell will continue to kill sh*t, and his album will be huge.
    – Chief Keef catches a body and ends up doing some hard time.
    – Curren$y FINALLY drops Pilot Talk III.
    – Someone from MMG will end up leaving the label (I’m thinking Wale).
    – Artists will carry on with New Rules movement and come up with new and creative ways to release/promote their albums.
    – ASAP Rocky drops a mixtape that surprises everyone critically, and he’ll become even bigger.
    – Fabolous will have a Pusha T like year.
    – Like every year, more stupid fashion trends and sayings will be born.
    – Rihanna and Teyana Taylor finally duke it out.
    – Another veteran rapper will resurrect their career (similar to 2 Chainz and Juicy J).
    – Tyga will start to fade away.
    – There’ll be a new break out producer that will create a new distinctive sound (similar to Lex Luger, DJ Mustard, Mike Will Made It)

    – Dizzy Wright has a 2010 J.Cole like year (drops a big mixtape and draws crazy hype for his album).
    – Big Sean goes back and builds on the sound that he created on Detroit.
    – Wiz’s Blacc Hollywood shows signs of him going back to his old ways.
    – Twitter beef and subliminal dissing will die down.
    – The Cool Kids put out some new material.
    – Melanie Fiona gets the recognition that she always deserved.
    – Oxymoron surprises the hell out of everyone critically.
    – Nipsey Hussle finally drops and album.
    – Wale stops acting like a female that’s on her period.
    – A Nicki Minaj sex tape drops (hey we all have fantasies lol).
    – They do something different with BET to make the channel interesting again, and less censored, predictable, and corny.
    – A new hip hop show is created and done right, or they can bring back Yo MTV Raps or Rap City).

    • James From Miami

      Sorry, but BET is going to continue to be like this for a very long time. Viacom is not going to change it, or sell it to someone that will do that. It’s all part of the brain washing programing that they got going on. And the brainwashing television business is just too big and too good. Just like with MTV and VH-1, the owners of Viacom already have invested too much on BET, and they are not going to let it go, now or ever. Now, there is no need for a new rap t.v. show on mainstream t.v. because it is going to be the exact same as 106 And Park. If a new rap show or worse, if Yo MTV Raps or BET’s Rap City ever comes back, it will be the same exact shit as, you guessed it, 106 And Park. Same exact shit, but with different people. You will swear that you’re watching the same fucking show but with different hosts. The set will look urban only to fool you, but everything in the program will be watered down. Do not expect to see the same thing that was done back in the 90’s on those two awesome t.v. shows. It will just be an urban version of 106 And Park. And they will be talking about the same ol fake ass pop rappers and none Hip Hop people like that pussy effeminate bitch Drake. Expect all of this that i just wrote to actually happen, if it actually does happen. How do I know all of this? Well, I researched all of this. And if you do your own research you too will know about all of this that I just wrote and more. But if you already know about all of this, then good. What Hip Hop really needs right now are local and specially local or regional access cable t.v. shows that play music videos of real Hip Hop artists both from the old school and specially the new school since Viacom is not interested in these new real Hip Hop artists. And many of them are not selling out to these fucked up corporations and monopolies. So don’t expect to see them on any of these wack ass cable channel t.v. shows, now or in the future. But now, if what you want is the same ol bullshit that’s played on 106 And Park, then just be happy with having 106 And Park on cable t.v. Me personally, I prefer TV One and Bounce TV. Peace out.

  • Nicolas Thomas

    Bold Prediction: Dre drops Detox in Beyonce fashion and doesn’t announce it.

    • B-Easy

      That may actually happen…

    • James From Miami

      I don’t get it. Is it a joke?


    somebody from MMG gonna leave and a month in to this year Fat Joe and 50 Cent drop a song and its actually good but teyonna need to lay paws on RiRi cuz its long over due and Trinidad James hype is going way down and hes disappearing from the rap game but I hope J.cole and K.Dot comeout with an album together

  • James From Miami

    What Hip Hop? Most of these people mentioned here are not Hip Hop, or artists for that matter. I don’t give a flying fuck what MTV or BET or VH-1 says to the masses of dumb asses that Hip Hop is, or is today. Fuck them. But it’s really sad, sick, twisted, and disgusting on so many levels to see the names of real Hip Hop artists like 2Pac, Naughty By Nature, Mobb Deep, and especially Tim Dog (who is totally anti sellout bullshit pop rap),and other legends, been put next to the names of these fucking sellout pop entertainment minstrel show fags, like CB4 undercover cop smoking weed with these fake ass pop rappers, and then snitching on them to his superiors, the fake Rick Ross. The one who stole a real dope dealer’s name and then said on a song that he met the real Noriega, Panama’s former strong man, ex C.I.A. asset, and friend of George H.W. “No New Taxes” Bush. Then again, maybe he did met him at that correctional facility in Florida where they said he was locked up. Anyway, him and those other pussies and punks that you mentioned here. The reason that so many young people today don’t know, or can not tell the difference between real Hip Hop and mainstream pop rap, is because of websites like this one that confuses them. It’s easy to blame MTV, BET, and VH-1 for that, but the people that run websites like this one, are also part of the problem. By covering both Hip Hop artists and pop entertainers, you guys are confusing today’s youngsters. You guys here don’t even try to separate these two very different things. Hip Hop in 2014, what a fucking joke. Where is this Hip Hop in 2014 that you’re talking about? Oh wait, you meant Lil Gayne and Kanye Wet, and all those other fake untalented sellout people. And I just had to laugh at “less Miley Cyrus and more Janelle Monae”. You wanna trade one very famous evil for a less known evil. What do you get when you do that? The answer is… Evil. Same as the old boss, I mean evil. Same as the old evil. By the way, you might wanna do some research on Janelle Monae. The music industry is evil and it will be that way for a very long time. And that’s why they got rid of the real Hip Hop artists, and removed them from the mainstream, and replaced them with this fucking sellouts that we all hear about today constantly, 24/7 on the media. The same media who hated 2Pac, and now they are praising Gay-Z and his false arranged Satanic marriage. Master P predicted exactly what actually did happened with rap music and Hip Hop culture right at the beginning of the music video of Hoody Hooo by TRU. It’s on YouTube, check it out. All this popular trendy crap that exist today is what the media calls Hip Hop, and I say Fuck them. If your a real Hip Hop head, support only the real Hip Hop. Peace out.