Thundamentals – “Noodle Soup” [Video]

Noodle Soup

For those of you who don’t know, I’m from a country where its Hip-Hop music consists of two things: Its extremely unique sound and that its popularity has only spread in the last few.

I guess all those years of getting shit for wearing Wu-Tang jeans in high school would be finally considered cool now. Anyway we’re not here to talk about new age posers.

Thundamentals are a Hip-Hop group that hails from my hometown in the Blue Mountains region of Australia. The group has been bubbling away slowly since their self titled 2008 EP to the present and is now getting some shine on national radio.

Their newest video, which was released yesterday, has had some fans divided on the song’s quality. This go around they have changed their sound quite drastically from their organic Hip-Hop sounds to colourfully shaped songs. So I assume they expected some sort of backlash from this.

But if you think about it though, when you reach album number 3 switching up your style is sometimes necessary. Some acts make the same album over and over again.

Anyway check out the video below. You’ll see angry bikies, giant chickens, Jeswon rock a Flava Flav clock, Tuka’s eyes turn weird colours and DJ Morgs do his thing in the kitchen.

Bon Appétit

Thundamentals – “Noodle Soup”

Bonus: I think Thundamentals have a thing with kitchens