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This week, we won’t be doing a FRO Horsemen and a FROCAST. Instead, we’ll be doing one show about the George Zimmerman trial, and I expect it’s going to be raw. I want the rest of the nation to hear what you, the listeners and supporters of this site, have to say. Be raw, be real, say what you feel. Call us and leave a message and be heard on the FROCAST. Got questions, leave em. Outraged, show it. Hurt, talk about it. I need to hear y’alls voices on this matter. The staff here has kids, degrees, jobs, wives, families and we do this all because we love it and we love our community. If this doesn’t spark the fire for you to just be heard, then what the hell are we even doing this for. Speak up! Call in and leave a message. The show will go up Thursday morning in the FROCAST slot. We’ll be recording Tuesday night….call in. So please, call in so we can address your message. (347) 201-2572. Call us.