10 Things About The BET Awards 2013

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The 2013 edition of the BET Awards happened last night and it wasn’t a terrible show. If you did or didn’t catch it, we got you covered. Besides BET replaying it a 1000 times in the next coming weeks, here are 10 things that stuck out to me during the 2013 BET Awards.

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Young Barry White. The geek out of the bunch. He is also Jay-Z’s biggest fan. He looks like your cousin from the burbs. He is “Pro Black” (not anti-white, just “Pro Black”). Probably the wittiest out of the bunch. It is said that he got fired from the same job three times.
  • thatboyshortt318

    The Reggae segment was dope.

  • saulewright

    and Mariah NOT singing was confusing as shit. Like, that’s the one thing you can do…why aren’t you?

  • saulewright

    Meagan Good simply showed how blessed she is…nothing wrong with sharing the blessings that you have been blessed with….Amen.

    • B-Easy

      God bless her for not blocking our blessings.

      • saulewright

        Ohshebaba shouldaboughtahonda hananananah thankyalawd

  • Young Boris Kodjoe

    I think looking at Meagan Good may have made me go through puberty all over again…