Top 3 Reasons Lip Lock Flopped

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Maybe “flopped” is a strong word but underperformed wouldn’t be off base. Her previous 3 albums all went Plat or Gold, at one point she was a major force in the Hip-Hop game and I don’t just mean female rappers. She was the First Lady of Ruff Ryders and more than held her own with crewmates DMX and The LOX which is no small feat. So why would someone with these credentials have an album that STILL hasn’t reached 20k in US sales (maybe not even total sales at this point)? I’ve got my theories and just like most computer geniuses, I have the answers too.

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  • DetroitBill

    When did Eve put out a new album?

  • Young Boris Kodjoe

    Think you hit it best with #1. WAY to long to wait and put out in an album, especially when you’ve become known more for your acting than your rapping, which is also bad seeing that she hasn’t even done much (if any) acting since the Barbershop films and her tv show, which has been like 6 years ago now?

    • saulewright

      That’s for the comment bruh!