The Numbers Game: The Great Gatsby, Talib Kweli, The Uncluded, & Mike Stud

Talib Kweli

Only one Hip-Hop album to debuted in the Top 50 this week and that was Talib Kweli‘s Prisoner of Conscious. It sold around 10,000 and that’s a few thousand less then his last album’s first week sales, the 2011 Gutter Rainbows. Not a bad listen though. But why listen to me when GQ-Blu did a great review of the album. Read our track-by-track review of Prisoner of Conscious here.

I guess having Jay-Z executive produce the soundtrack for The Great Gatsby was a good gamble. It’s the #2 album in the country.

#2 The Great Gatsby Soundtrack (Last Week: N/A) – 137,000; Total: N/A [Debut]
#6 Justin Timberlake – The 20/20 Experience (Last Week: #3) – 65,000; Total: 1,806,000 (Platinum) [8 Weeks]
#10 Bruno Mars – Unorthodox Jukebox (Last Week: #9) – 32,000; Total: 1,316,000 (Platinum) [22 Weeks]
#12 Macklemore & Ryan Lewis – The Heist (Last Week: #5) – 30,000; Total: 703,000 (Gold) [31 Weeks]
#20 Fantasia – Side Effects Of You (Last Week: #4) – 21,000; Total: 148,000 [3 Weeks]
#22 Lil’ Wayne – I Am Not A Human Being II (Last Week: #12) – 18,000; Total: 423,000 [7 Weeks]
#44 Kid Cudi – Indicud (Last Week: #17) – 9,900; Total: 193,000 [4 Weeks]
#48 Talib Kweli – Prisoner of Conscious (Last Week: N/A) – 9,900; Total: N/A [Debut]
#93 The Uncluded – Hokey Fright (Last Week: N/A) – 5,000; Total: N/A [Debut]
#109 Mike Stud – Relief (Last Week: N/A) – 4,200; Total: N/A [Debut]

Hip-Hop + R&B album sales for the week of May 7th

Young Barry White. The geek out of the bunch. He is also Jay-Z’s biggest fan. He looks like your cousin from the burbs. He is “Pro Black” (not anti-white, just “Pro Black”). Probably the wittiest out of the bunch. It is said that he got fired from the same job three times.