Song of the Week: E-Money Bags feat. Nas & Horse – “Want It”

E-Money Bags

I decided to pick a song from E-Money Bags for Song of the Week. I always liked this and yes this kind of beat can put you to sleep but I like it. That’s what makes Hip-Hop so unique is the tracks that people produce.

“Want It” was released in 1999 on E-Money Bag’s only album In In E-Money Bags We Trust. To me this song felt more like a Nas song than E since Nas did two verses along with hook. It was fucked up they didn’t have Horse‘s name on the credit’s since he rapped after Nas but oh well. Everybody did their thing on this song but I think Nas stole the show of course.

E-Money was gun down and shot 10 times in his Navigator in NYC back in 2001 at close range. I won’t go into too many details about why but if you read Prodigy’s book or even read the actual even that took place years ago then you’ll know what happened. They even have photos of the shooting and E-Money body inside the car on the internet. Also he had Jay-Z scared after that Hot 97 incident. I like Jay-Z but I do feel like since the death of 2Pac, E Money, & Big Pun he probably feel more relieved they are gone.

He also dissed Jay-Z on the 3rd verse of a unreleased song called “The Gospel”.

Alright well enjoy this shit mane!

Download: E-Money Bags feat. Nas & Horse – “Want It”