FROCAST: Episode #73


I think the show last week was so good, Easy and Jerm got paid to leave the Roc. They left the young black panther upstarts to do this show by ourselves. That means that yep, we get on our Huey P and bore a good part of you to death. There was a comment on our iTunes for the frocast that “…they don’t try and uplift the community…” as a GOOD thing. They want us to be entertaining instead of ranting and trying to well, uplift the community. But hey, we’re dynamic over here at the fro. One week, we talk about the problems facing our culture, and the next…we’re talking about ratchet pussy mollys. We do it all for you. So that said….GQ and I bring last weeks momentum to a halt…but it’s what we do. I blame Jerm….I always blame Jerm….except when I’m blaming B-Easy.

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