FROCAST: Episode #68


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Man, it’s been a minute since it was the three of us, Saule Wright, King Jerm, and B-Easy doing a show as a group. Remember last time Easy was here, Jerm blames him for what WE consider one of our worst shows but many of you said was one of our bests. How does he follow that up? Well, other than destroying me in debates and doing so with hard to argue points, he’s doing what he does, add to the show in the way that only B-Easy can. Jerm’s comedic timing is sharp as always despite me stinking up the joint. We had a good time with this one….sorry about the long rambles on the Bulls and Timberlake…and yes, I blame B-Easy for the Heat loss. Y’all know how we do, another 2 hour classic of the best podcast on the net, the frocast is on deck.

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