Joe Budden feat. Wiz Khalifa & French Montana – “NBA” [Video]


You probably already guessed that the theme for Joe Budden‘s “NBA” music video is basketball. And it is. I guess it gets the point across but for some reason Budden’s recent music videos seem like a few steps below high quality (Check out the weak ass pick up basketball game in this video for example). But it is cool to see Joey palling around with French Montana & Wiz Khalifa. Makes you almost forget about the Love & Hip Hop fuckery. Off No Love Lost.

  • Mr. Jones

    Joe Budden is giving up the imaginary image that bloggers have painted of him? Fantastic!

  • gneillz

    daaam that is a weak ass game of basketball……

  • Budden doesn’t get much right, but he’s still the most underrated lyricists in the game imo.

    Also, doesn’t French remind you of the neighborhood rapper who just got a check?