The 10 Year Anniversary Of Diplomatic Immunity


Has it been 10 years already? Damn..time flies. But one thing you can’t deny is the impact that the DipSet had on Hip-Hop music. They were the barometer of what was hot back then. To be real with you, NY ain’t been shit since the Dips stopped popping. I hear they are doing a 10 year concert to honor this momentous occasion. If anybody knows me, knows that Cam’ron is in my Top 5 Dead or Alive list, so I wish I could be there and represent with a durag, a fresh throwback, and some clean ass Air Force 1’s!

Let’s not forget this memorable performance at the Apollo from Killa!

The most opinionated of the group (Probably sometimes the biggest jackass too). Urban legend has it that he used to have a dying love for “project chicks”. Claims to have never listened to nothing but Hip-Hop. Sports (like most of us) comes a close second to Hip-Hop.
  • Da PocketSquare Kang

    I can remember in high school debating people on why Killa was Top 5. To this day I still argue that Purple Haze is one of the best Hip Hop cds of all time. This album is timeless.

  • B-Easy