Pure Comedy: Papoose’s “Alphabetical Slaughter Part 2 (Z to A)” Video


Just what the game has been missing right here! COMEDY! I know that Poose thought niggas was anxiously waiting for him to drop a follow up to the original, but we wasn’t. When I saw this on the internet the other day, I watched it and couldn’t get past the W’s. I mean, what was he thinking? Who let Papoose film his struggle filled raps on camera? I blame all of ya’ll that liked the first one for making him think this was a good idea. Peep the kid versions of Drake, Nicki, Rawse, Trinidad James, and Beyonce…that’s bout the only thing worth mentioning.

The most opinionated of the group (Probably sometimes the biggest jackass too). Urban legend has it that he used to have a dying love for “project chicks”. Claims to have never listened to nothing but Hip-Hop. Sports (like most of us) comes a close second to Hip-Hop.
  • B-Easy

    But you know Papoose was probably telling everybody like, “Yo dog, wait til you see my new video! It’s gonna change the game!”

    This is unintentional hilarity.

  • http://www.facebook.com/jthomas1117 Jamonte’ Thomas

    Who’s letting their child go to school topless to listen to wack rappers?

    • King Jerm

      Especially one wearing some wally’s looking very dirty.

    • B-Easy

      And why is Kim Kardashian in this class again?