Song of the Week: Compton’s Most Wanted – “Growin’ Up In The Hood”


I had to do a major throwback from a classic movie Boyz N The Hood. Back in the day MC Eiht (Then a part of Compton’s Most Wanted) use to make some dope hits but like I always say, his albums could have been better. 50 Cent & G-Unit actually used this instrumental on a mixtape years ago.

Anyway this song, “Growin Up In The Hood”, is so vivid and real. If you from the hood or hanged in the hood then you know what this song is about. Released back in 1991 when I was a lil youngsta and the song still go hard as fuck. The sample and the track produced by MC Eiht & DJ Slip is a masterpiece. I wish people still made songs like this with passion and just as vivid but those days are long gone but thank god for old school classics.

Also this version is different from the soundtrack version. MC Eiht has three verses on the video version which to me sound better than the album version, the album version has another artist on the song rapping the 2nd verse. Some reason back in the day a lot of singles sounded better than the album version and I never understood why especially when I was a kid listening to a cassette tape or CD then I look for the song and it doesn’t sound as good as the version on the television, that use to have me pissed. I remember me & B-Easy had a conversation about that stuff years ago. Anyway enjoy the song.

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