Welcome Home Chief Keef!


BANG BANG! On March 14 my world froze for a second. With as much adulation as this guy, I walked outside and let out one of the most loudest, and niggerish yells a man can let out when I got the news that Chief Keef was released from his 60 day prison bid …I mean jail..I mean JUVIE. Yeah, my nigga back home now and I’m sure we will get some more ignorant anthems like “Don’t Like” and “Love Sosa”, but wait..just like ALL other niggas that just got home from doing a stretch, they talking about changing for the better.

You can’t do that Keef. That’s why we LOVE SOSA, cause you are my nigga. Don’t fall victim to the bullshit. We want more music like you was making before you went in. Don’t switch up the game like Jeezy did and end up being a shadow of what you USED to be. Don’t do it Keef. Your fans need you. I seen your latest video and I don’t like the direction you’ve taken it to. Where are all your niggas with no shirts on at? Where the weed smoke?

“This is not you Johnny.” (c) Hov to Jaz-O