FROCAST: Episode #66


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Ya boys are back, even though B-Easy stood us up. To be honest, Jerm pulls back the curtain and lets us know how B-Easy runs this sweatshop he calls nappyafro. Of COURSE football is back…for us at least. We talk about the amazing Miami Heat run, someone getting checked on the trolling and of course some other odd news. We’re also exploring the idea of allowing you, the fronation to allow us to use  your facebook to promote us for 1post a day, week, or month. It’s easy and FREE. If you’re interested click here. This week we focus on college for the second half of the show. We try and give some advice and stories from our perspectives from three very different college experiences. We nix the HOHN naw portion of the show because I think only the fronation MVP’s listen to it, the rest of y’all don’t care. Speaking of that, next week, episode 67, it’s listeners appreciation and choice. Take to the phone lines, email, facebook, and twitter to let us know what you want us to talk about. If you don’t give us suggestions, we’re off for the week (baring anything major happening that we must talk about.) The nappyafro Phone Number is (347) 201-2572.

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