Dub’s Top 10 Femcees of All Time

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Dub's Top 10 Femcees of All Time

You know that nappyafro’s own Saule Wright is a huge fan of female Hip-Hop. Well what you may not know is that I am as well. However, there is a difference between the two of us and how we view Hip-Hop. He is a big fan of celebrating women who rap almost the way we celebrate defensive players in football. Everyone knows that the offense is almost always the highlight, but never the less we should give props to the other side as well. Me, I’m more of the type to feel like if you ain’t good enough to run with the big boys stay at home. I’ve gotten really frustrated with this notion that “Hip-Hop is so male dominant that we must separate accolades so that female artists can shine as well”. To me, that is detrimental to our culture. It’s almost like saying that a female who wins an award for something great did well for a girl.  Like I said, that is detrimental to our culture.

To avoid such negativity, I have compiled a list of my favorite female artist of all times, and why these young ladies did/are running with the big boys.

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  • Rickjamesbitch

    How can you exclude Lil Kim because BIG wrote her stuff, but have Amil when her rhymes were written by Jay?

    Also this list needs Jean Grae, she’s a better rapper than almost everyone on this list.

    • B-Easy

      Also, Nas & jay-Z wrote a lot of Foxy Brown’s lyrics.

  • King Jerm

    So we gone act like Foxy wrote all her shit? Lauryn #1? You slipping Dub!

    • B-Easy

      I do agree with Ms. Hill being #1

      • King Jerm

        I had Bahamadia #1.

        • B-Easy

          I don’t believe that.

          • Whit

            Can someone please re-do this list. It’s just as bad as MTV’s list!

          • B-Easy

            Well, it does say “Dub’s” in the title.

    • DuB

      Lauryn shouldn’t be 1?

  • DuB

    Lol most of y’all couldn’t even name 10 female emcees before today.

  • Tre

    So no Lil Kim, Rah Digga, Remy Ma, or Shawnna on this list, but Amil came in at #10. Hip Hop we have go to do better.

  • The fact that you turned around and wrote a top 10 female emcees article after vehemently disagreeing with having a top female emcee of the year for last year is hysterical. I don’t see any men on this list either, but you argued (even in this post) that there should be no separation between them….then you went on to separate them. To take issue with separating accolades for men vs women and then post those artists up, you just proved my point. In a top 100 emcees list, male and female, HALF of your list wouldn’t even make it. Putting some of these women in a top 10 female list over Roxanne Shanté, Mia X, Lyte, Bahamadia, Jean Grae, Remy Ma (just to name a few) is preposterous. see our previous list – http://nappyafro.com/2007/10/12/top-10-female-mcs-of-all-time/

    Also my quote was “It’s a male dominated arena man, there WILL NOT be a female that will win over a male doing the same level of measurables. Had we tried to name it Nicki even when shit was sweet, we would have had more votes for Ross, Jay, etc. It’s a mans genre, so that’s that. But there should be recognizable area for women when warranted. They all play NFL but we have offensive and defensive players of the year, that’s how I see it.” -SW

    I appreciate the effort, but saying Missy, Trina and Vita have mic skills that are on par with top 10 men OR women is problematic.

    • DuB

      If I did a top 100 list all of these women would make it, except maybe Amil. The point of this post was that these women shouldn’t be seperated at all from their male counterparts. In their prime most of them could’ve and should’ve been contending for hottest or best in the game not some bullshot compilation prize

      • 1. The comments are already letting you know this list is suspect.

        2. So anytime we celebrate females separate from males we’re doing so to our detriment? Best Actor/Actress and the like?

        • DuB

          1. My list isn’t a list of the best but my favorite.

          2.i think that having a best actor and actress is just as detrimental.

          3. I said these females are all in the top 100 not the tail end of the group. Like I said this isn’t a best list but my favorite and their would be other females on the list of 100 greatest.

          4. I didn’t know you were so touchy on the subject lol

          • LOL I ain’t touchy, you called me out and misquoted me so I responded. I don’t know how celebrating the difference in men and women and what a woman brings to said genre/field is a detriment as opposed to celebrating their unique ability/skills/viewpoint. Famously said, “This is a mans world” you don’t have to look any further than the pay scale for evidence of that. I don’t see a top woman being secondary to a top male award in the same category as much as it is acknowledging that a woman brings a different skill set or perspective to the situation. That should be celebrated.

          • DuB

            Lol for one I never misquoted you, I never even quoted you. Two there is no shame in celebrating women. The shame comes when we celebrate women who are doing the same job in a different manner than we do the males.

            Good example! You are into graphic design. How would you feel if you won the award for best black designer while ther is an award for best graphic designer? Sounds like bullshit right? No one wants to be awarded something that only a particular group has the chance to win when they should be up for the big award.

          • lol I guess there should be just one award for top musician and then we all go home. I think the black/white thing is valid because in most arenas, we have to celebrate us because they won’t. If AIGA is saying top black designer vs. top white, on the surface we’d have an issue, but if there is an entire black designer award conference and the organization that is giving it gives me top black designer, not a problem at all. Awards are broken down to categories and differences, Men / Women categories are everywhere, every genre/brand/culture/etc. so having a womans award is NOT secondary to the “main” award, it’s just a womans award and a mens award.

          • DuB

            Bro, you can argue with me all day, but what you can’t argue is when one if the most prolific female emcees says that getting the best femal “whatever” award isn’t what she wants. If the females feel like this then what ground does your argument actually have? And before you claim it’s only one, there are actually quite a few but she has spoken out on it recently.

          • We’re speaking in generalities. For every artist that you name that say they don’t want the award I’m sure there are equal or more that say that they want it. Depending on how the question was framed and presented, I’m sure that tempers the response. My “argument” stands on the grounds of any and every award ceremony. Women are recognized separate from men in various cultures and sports and if YOU see it as second rate, that’s on you. it’s all about perception. Per usual you and I and these females that you speak of, see it differently.

          • DuB

            Yeah the females that are never actually in competition for that bullshit ass award. Dawg lol you ain’t going to give up on this debate. You sounding like P-Body when it comes to Pac

          • ? how’d we get there? I thought we were having a discussion but aite then.

          • DuB

            Lol we are. I look at that female award like an award you give a child just for showing up. If we started giving best rap album of the year from the south and a best rap album period I would say the same thing.

  • DuB

    This isn’t the best female of all times list. This is my list. Calm down! I don’t listen to Rah Diggah or Shawnna or some of the other ladies who I know can spit. Just like I don’t listen to Mos Def and Talib. I know they can spit but they would never be on my list

    • No Lil’ Kim? If you know Mos and Talib can spit, why wouldn’t you list them? So it’s just a list of who you like, not really a TOP list, more like a favorites list?

      • DuB

        Lol because its my top list not the top list.

  • Ree

    Most people don’t consider her a rap artists but she’d def set 85 percent of this list on there rocker is M.I.A. she ain’t singing, what you think she’s doing?!?!?

    And jean gray!

    Who did this list? You took all the token women of 90s ‘crews’ and labeled them the best. womp, womp!

    This article should be titled “Femcees most likely to be named by basic bitches” (no disrespect to the greats on the lists!)