A Look Back At Kendrick Lamar’s Section.80

Section 80

I remember the day I received the email from B-Easy asking if anyone wanted to review the album by Kendrick Lamar entitled Section.80. I remember thinking, “Who?”.

I don’t know what happened though (Maybe it was my love for free music), but I started listening to it as I was driving to work. Because I never sat down and listened to it as a whole, it took a while before it sank in, but I did notice that Kendrick was one of the better story tellers I had heard in a while. I sat down one day, about a week before the review was posted on the site, and really just let it sink in. I know people praise good kid, m.A.A.d city for the fact that it is a story that is almost perfectly cohesive (Which they should), but Section.80 was the first project that I had ever heard that was able to achieve such a feat. I think the only difference between the two projects is the fact that Kendrick wasn’t using the personal skits on Section.80 (because it wasn’t about his journey but his generation) that he used on good kid, m.A.A.d city.

While I’m not really trying to compare these two great projects to each other, I feel like I need to do so that we don’t take this great conceptual album that is Section.80 for granted. Maybe some years will go down the line, and we may feel like this album is at least as good as K.Dot’s good kid, m.A.A.d city. If I was to rescore Section.80, I may be considering a 5 star classic after the way it has aged.

Sidenote: King Jerm & Saule Wright both slept on this shit.

  • Xc

    Good read…. Lol @ free music cause it actually wasn’t. And alot of Nas fans older than (including I Crooked I) feel like It Was Written is better than Illmatic even though its illmatic. Maybe that’ll be Kendrick fans relationship between these two albums, cause tho I enjoy them both there is no convincing me that Section 80 isnt better and for not the short story element it wouldnt have been close.

    • B-Easy

      He might have meant “free” as in I gave him a copy so he didn’t have to buy it.

      • Xc

        Ohhh, my bad.

    • Rickjamesbitch

      Section .80 is right on par lyrically and conceptually with GKMC to me. There’s a reason everyone noticed him after it dropped. Hol Up, Poe Man’s Dreams, Reagan Era, Keisha’s Pain, Kush & Corinthians and high power are all arguably top 10 Kendrick tracks. It’s a difficult choice for me.

      Overly Dedicated is insane too… So is the Kendrick Lamar EP. Everything Kendrick has released since dropping the “K. Dot” name is worthy of at least 4 stars in my opinion.

      Also, IWW’s production isn’t quite as good, but I think it’s as good as Illmatic lyrically. Plus it has I Gave You Power & Shootouts which are amazing.. Crazy imagery.

  • DuB

    I love this album


    Great article.


    i was at a kendrick show in december, and just before the jump of ADHD he announced this is the song that made everything blow up. This album is gold.

  • I just wasn’t feelin it at the time (don’t remember much of it now so it could be time for a refresher). I wasn’t a K.Dot fan until just before M.A.A.D. City dropped. I thought he was annoying and I just didn’t get him.

  • Yanyan Sopian

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