Alpoko Don – The Ol’ Soul EP

A while back I was surfing the web and I ran across this dude from Greenville, SC rapping on the porch making his beats with his hands. I watched the videos and was caught up in buddy style and rhymes. Found out that his name was Alpoko Don and I wanted to hear more from the dude with the dope street metaphors and the Scarface voice. What really got me was that he was making his own beats. When I say “own beats”, I’m talking bout with this mouth and hands, taking it back to the lunchroom rap battles. Why some would think something that simple wouldn’t work, it did the exact opposite. Don is showing that he is much more than a couple of videos on the net. Dude actually released an album titled The Ol’ Soul EP with NO INSTRUMENTS! I actually said that if he dropped an album like this I would buy it. I guess I’m going to have to eat them words now!

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Bandcamp link to PURCHASE the album or you can stream it for FREE!

The most opinionated of the group (Probably sometimes the biggest jackass too). Urban legend has it that he used to have a dying love for “project chicks”. Claims to have never listened to nothing but Hip-Hop. Sports (like most of us) comes a close second to Hip-Hop.
  • Da PocketSquare Kang

    Scarface voice ehhh, gonna have to check him out!

    • King Jerm

      Bruh…just listen to the link!

  • Mr. Jones

    This is great, I remeber hearing All I Know and thinking this ish is terrific.