Drake – “Started From The Bottom”

Started From The Bottom

I thought Drake was releasing this song on Grammy night. No complaints though. Drizzy is back with “Started From The Bottom” and it sounds like he has a new flow to go with it. You gonna hear this one a few times. Produced by Mike Zombie & 40.

Download: Drake – “Started From The Bottom”

  • I really like this one

  • H2O

    Ugh. Such a great beat…ruined.

  • P-Body

    I have to co-sign with H20 on this one. Also how he started from the Bottom when he was on TV shows back in the day.

  • DuB

    We never like his singles but his albums are always dope.

  • I don’t like it.

  • B-Easy

    After listening to this a few more times, I think Drake took some inspiration from rappers like Chief Keef, especially on the hook.

  • King Jerm

    Dope song. How yall niggas not feeling this.

  • I kind of liked it, but I still don’t believe that he “Started From The Bottom.” I’m sure his life had some trying times, but I don’t think that he started from the bottom.

    • Well it’s not like he cut his first album with a co-sign. He did the mixtape circuit (the bottom) just like everyone else. Diggy’s mixtape was cut with Premo on the boards, etc. Dude got his team and hit the streets. He didn’t use Degrassi to get a deal, he “started at the bottom” of the game

      • P-Body

        Yall love covering up for Drake. Dude is soft as a baby ass. Dude didn’t grow up nor been exposed to a lot of stuff some of us were as kids. He didn’t start from the Bottom in my eye. The song is growing on me but I’ll rather hear somebody over this beat

        • …I’m sorry, have we met? Haven’t I been critical of this nigga before? Thought so. I’m just giving an alternate view. Maybe the song is about him coming from the bottom on the music game…that’s all.

          • P-Body

            I hope that is what Drake referring to because I wouldn’t take him seriously otherwise if he had a different meaning. I don’t really remember you being real critical of Drake to be honest unless I forgot please refresh my memory on that one. He definitely lost my respect since he didn’t take the challenge to fight Chris Brown in a boxing match since they had that so called brawl throwing glass & bottles at each other.

          • P-Body

            Oh shit! How did I forget that…. That was funny reading all them comments especially Practical vs. the world. Yeah you were critical of Drake but I do think somewhere deep inside you probably becoming a fan or hustle to get tickets to attend one of his shows

          • gneillz


        • B-Easy

          Like Soulja Boy?


          • P-Body

            Hell naw that is garbage. Where did you find this mess?

    • H2O

      There are two sides to the “Drake before the game” debate. One is he was on a hit Canadian TV show, and therefore must be rich. The other is he was living with a single mother and didn’t have a great childhood.

      Both are wrong. Although the TV show didn’t make him rich and he was raised by a single mom, he also grew up in a very affluent part of Toronto (Forest Hill) and his Uncle having a Lexus says something about his mother’s side of the family.

      I think the “Started From The Bottom” title is more accurate when it describes his origins in Forest Hill, living in the bottom half of a duplex, with his room being in the basement.

    • B-Easy

      It’s definitely different versions of “starting from the bottom”:

      Drake: Raised in a nice section of Canada, had expensive an bar mitzvah, auditioned for kid TV shows.

      DMX: Was homeless, had to rob people to eat, got addicted to crack.

    • started from the bottom, as in not famous or successful. he never claimed to be a gangster.

  • Mr. Jones

    It’s not too bad, but most of this song isn’t Drake-ish. He’s kind of dipping into Ross’ Hold Me Back territory of generic story done in a newish flow that doesn’t really connect.

  • Mr. Jones

    Also, so many rappers are going to jump on this track.

    • RTIII

      You’re right, and it’s just started with Wiz Khalifa releasing a remix of the song with his verse on it.


    It’s aight.

  • Eddy Baltazar

    Weak shit… Not feelin it at all… A lazy attempt, I’d say…

  • this is a bad attempt at trying to be “real”