UFC Complements Superbowl With Jose Aldo vs Frankie Edgar


It’s looking like 2013 is set to be the year of the super fight, the matching of the best pound-for-pound fighters in the octagon against each other.

The UFC is starting off the year with former lightweight champion Frankie Edgar, who has moved down to the featherweight division, facing champion Jose Aldo, who is looking for his fifth title defense in a row. They meet on Saturday night to complement Superbowl Sunday, completing the annual sports holiday that is this weekend.

As expected, Aldo is favored but Edgar’s chances should by no means be discounted. We haven’t seen Edgar fight at 145 and his trainers claim that, as a small fighter, he should have been at 145 all along. Edgar was undersized against all of his lightweight opponents. His success at 155 is purely a testament to his level of skill. He will now fight someone his size and speed, the lightning fast and powerful Jose Aldo.

Aldo’s dominant finishes are something to be feared by potential opponents. His quickness and athleticism put him in the ranks with Georges St. Pierre and Anderson Silva. A win on Saturday may put him above them. Aldo could be the first of the top pound for pound fighters to beat another.

Aldo’s highlights speak for themselves. As with GSP and Anderson, it’s tough to bet against him. We’ll find out if 145 is truly where Frankie Edgar belongs.

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  • Quintinb777

    I feel like this “super fight” wouldn’t really compare to the other super fights. I guess it depends on what you view a super fight as, but this just seems more like a former champion that changed divisions versus a current dominant champion. I’m not saying that I think that Edgar will get smashed or lose, just that this doesn’t seem like a “super fight”, because one of the participants is coming off of two loses and only had two wins as champion (unlike A. Silva, St-Pierre, or J. Jones). I’m still very much looking forward to the fight and card, don’t think otherwise.

  • Dreman650

    I think edgar won both his fights against Henderson. This is as super as a super fight gets