The 2013 XXL Freshmen Wish List

The 2013 XXL Freshmen Wish List

It is a brand new year but some traditions never change. January is the month where people are still optimistic of their “new year/new me” resolutions and planning out the ways that this year will be their year. Another great tradition is the development of predictions of who and what will have the biggest impact on the world. One of my favorite magazines, XXL, has continued its tradition of choosing a select group of individuals they believe will have a big effect on the Hip-Hop world. There has been history of wins and losses from their lists but there has always been the constant attention to the XXL brand and intense conversation between fans on who deserves to be recognized. This year, the last spot on the list will be determined by online votes. So, go to and vote for your favorite, but first I want to campaign for my top ten favorites candidates for the freshmen list.

Terrance Porter (Short-T) is a good kid from Ratchet City traveling through the world, searching for success with my Bachelor’s degree from LSU in Shreveport and open mind capable of expressing opinions on various topics and sharing life experiences. My preference as a rabid fan of original, abstract visuals and music is for my entertainment and therapy. I am a living contradiction as a people person that does not like people, meaning that I am social but I am also aware of others actions which is where most of my inspiration for writing comes from.
  • Travis smiley

    You really need to listen to Action Bronson

  • B-Easy

    I feel like Ab-Soul & ScHoolboy are kinda too big for the list now. Same thing with Action Bronson.

    • thatboyshortt318

      I think they are going to be the ones to turn down the offer this year.

  • Mr. Jones

    Casey Veggies over Gunplay? Get your ish in gear, dude. I really don’t get how people can claim Gunplay isn’t a good rapper.

    • B-Easy

      Holy shit! I forgot about Gunplay!

  • Arkitekt

    You need to hear Ab-Soul’s first album Longterm Mentality. IMO, a top album of 2011, just like Control System in 2012. Ab-Soul, Action Bronson, Joey Badass, Rapsody are all good picks to me.

  • Calvin 2.0

    dude i always dig your lists. this is no different. nice one for putting dee 1 on the list. i voted for him.