50 Cent feat. Young Jeezy & Snoop Dogg – “Major Distribution” [Video]

Major Distribution

While I’m still not convinced I can listen to 50 Cent in 2012/2013, I’ll give Curtis this, he’s out there trying. But seeing that his upcoming album, Street King Immortal, just recently got pushed back (Again), it still doesn’t seem to be working. The music video for the Young Jeezy & Snoop Dogg featured “Major Distribution” isn’t bad either but once again it’s just not enough (If that makes since). Props on the eye candy holding gold machine guns though; that’s kinda hot. Directed by Eif Rivera.

Sidenote: Another Brazzers sighting in a Hip-Hop music video.

  • Dreman650

    I dont get when people say they cant listen to 50 cent now

    • B-Easy

      I don’t get when people say they want to listen to 50 Cent now.

      • i dont see why not i mean wats the options? trinidad james? or maybe niggaz wanna hear drake cry to a bitch for a whole album, or wayne spit bars but say absolutley nothing for an entire album i mean NOTHING at all for a whole 16 track album u take absoulutley nothing from it lmao. How bout 2chains,or these niggaz that take two words consisting of one narcotic and one popular alchol beverage chop and screw it put it to a beat and call it a hook?.. Fif be rappin his ass off and he puts together good music but it seems like these days good artist cant sell and garbage artist go plat smh

        • B-Easy

          So let me get this straight… the only options besides 50 Cent is Trinidad Jame$, Lil’ Wayne, & 2 Chainz? If that’s your only options, I feel sorry for you.

          I think the reason artists Jay-Z or Nas or even Weezy are in a better positions musically than 50 is because they evolved. 50 still rapping like he was in ’03, and not even as good. Oh your new album coming out 50? Who’s on it? Oh Eminem? Snoop? That’s nothing new. Oh, Dr. Dre may or may not be producing a beat for you? Heard that shit before.

          Who the fuck cares about Curtis in 2013? I mean, besides a nigga who only options is 50 Cent, Trinidad Jame$, Lil’ Wayne, & 2 Chainz.

          • Im a little older so alot of these niggaz out now i dont like lol. So they not my only options i just dont fukk wit the pop rap thats out anymore.I turn the station when i hear drakes voice, i dont fukks wit jay cause he was unloyal to his team (i know it has nothing to do wit his music but im a 80’s baby being real and music goes hand and hand to me lol). kanye is gay aint no doubt about it the man is gay so i dont rock wit that nigga.50 my man cause he a real nigga and the nigga songs be rockin like shit imo. Niggaz dont like fif because of his mouth nine out of ten but if a nigga keep it 100 they cant say (New day,My life, and major distrubution,) dont rock. besides him i fucks wit joe buddens,pusha t, slaughterhouse, and a couple of other niggaz but wit joe and pusha they fall under the line of being the opposite of a nigga like 50 to where as lyrically and wordplay wise they may be a lil tighter than slim but they cant put together an album the way this nigga 50 can they cant make a hit song nah mean.?

  • So can we finally call Jeezy washed up now?

  • Also, whats up with Brazzers product placement in hip hop videos? 1st Juicy J Now 50.


    damn, the shot of rozays baby mama and child with MMG chain made me laugh

  • well like you said, at least he’s trying.