We Look At The Women Of Love & Hip Hop: Season 3

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As much as we hate these “basketball wives” style reality shows, it’s almost like we have to watch Love & Hip Hop. The show is definitely a guilty pleasure. For one, it does have a bit of Hip-Hop influence (Not much actually but it’s in the title dammit). And the two, it has some nice looking women on the show. After a stint in Atlanta, they take it back to NY this season with only three cast members returning. So as a helpful guide, King Jerm & I rundown (aka talk shit and stuff) the women of Love & Hip Hop: Season 3.

Sidenote: You can watch the first episode of Love & Hip Hop: Season 3 here.

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  • thewirefan

    that Yandy chick could def get the business (UGK turned me on too that pregnant pussy)..Erica could get the D..I pass on Jen, don’t want my meat to be anywhere near where Consequence’s big chipmunk teeth ass has already been..Olivia has an adams apple..Tahiry is my only reason for tuning in too this show (sidenote: Joe Budden looks like a mix between Common and Suge Knight)..i don’t even remember seeing that Raqi chick on the show..Winter Ramos looks like a linebacker & Rashidah is thick, but she looks a little too rough and tough for me..what you niggas think about that damn Black Ink Crew show though, them niggas do more fighting than damn tattoos

    • King Jerm

      Watched one episode of the Black Ink show…it alright…prolly won’t watch regularly, but if ain’t nothing else on, I’d watch.

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