2012 nappyafro Awards: Top Honors

2012 Top Honors Headers

A fork has been stuck in 2012 so once again we here at nappyafro.com take a look at some of the best last year had to offer. We have some more ‘Best of 2012’ stuff dropping for the next couple of days so be sure to check back with us. – B-Easy

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  • Quintinb777

    I like every pick except Man of the Year.

    • http://twitter.com/SauleWright Saule Wright

      shit, I don’t like it either, but I voted for him too. Hard to deny it.

      • Quintinb777

        What was wrong with Kendrick getting that too? Isn’t having great skills and a huge gain in popularity better than just a huge gain in popularity?

        • B-Easy

          I think 2 Chainz story pushed him over the top for me. It’s one of the best comeback stores in Hip-Hop history.

          If we voted for who is the “Best Man of the Year” i Hip-Hop then we’d be all over the place but just like Time Magazine gave Osama bin Laden Man of the Year one time because he was the person mostly in the newz that year, we give our Man of the Year with kinda those guidelines (For example, Rick Ross won this last year)

          • Quintinb777

            I see the logic. I guess y’all look more at who “took over” the radio and mainstream. I don’t listen to music that I don’t think is good very much, so Kendrick took over what I was listening to more (took over my iPod). I just saw it as Kendrick having more accomplishments, like a nappyafro five star rated album, rise in popularity, magazine covers, respect, much critical acclaim, and helping put his crew on. I guess I do prefer to think of it as “Best Man of the Year” or “Artist of the Year”. I guess it’s natural for me to think of who both the critics and media loved when I think of who “ruled 2012”.

          • B-Easy

            Well, to be honest I voted for this guy:


          • Quintinb777

            Good vote.

          • B-Easy

            Yea, Mac Miller had a good year.