2013 Predictions & Hopes

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Before I start getting my Nostradamus on I want to look back for just a second. My last Predications and Hopes article in 2012 listed a lot of things and I want to check what came true and what didn’t. So let’s see…

Since Drake’s massive amounts of success and cult like followings (YOLO anyone?) he did get dissed again, this time by Pusha T. Nailed it! Did Nas, Slaughterhouse, Rick Ross and Raekwon release solid albums? Of course it’s down to opinion but overall I think so. Nas definitely did. Slaughterhouse did. Rick Ross kind of did but Raekwon was pretty quiet in 2012. He’s got all of 2012 I suppose with Wu-Block.

As for the Dark Knight Rises I was right! Even though it wasn’t a hard guess this movie was going to be epic I’m still happy it turned out the way it did. I caught a few rappers referencing the movie but not as many as I thought. Either way check Rapsody’s verse on Murs & 9th Wonder’s “Get Together”.

B.o.B.’s Strange Clouds never made it to my CD player so I have no idea if he stepped his game up but judging from what I’ve heard, he didn’t. It’s a shame because his earlier mixtapes from ’08 and ‘09 are something I still fuck with today.

As for my hopes Xzibit did release some new music. Not exactly a comeback record but it did feature a Dre beat and appearances from the Alkaholiks. Keep it up X.

Sequel albums weren’t really a popular route for 2012 so I guess one of my wishes came true (Lupe’s choice was alright in my books though). No big name MC’s worthy of each other’s attention battled it out. Also sadly Verbose did not grace nappyafro’s pages with his presence. Here’s hoping for next year.

Now to quote some of you out there that are part of the ‘Fronation and talk about the hopes and predictions you had for 2012.

But now it’s time to focus on what’s in front of us. Here’s my list of events I think will happen and what I want to happen. As always comment on what you think will occur and what you wish will happen in 2013. Do it. It will be fun to look back this time next year and look at this article as a sort of time capsule.

Happy 2013 everybody!

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  • sorry p-body your wish did not come true. Lil b released 15 albums this year.

    Thank you based god.

    • P-Body

      Smh such a shame and now he is making women clothing.

    • 15 albums? really? Fuck I had no idea he even released one.

    • B-Easy

      Doesn’t matter, Riff Raff is the new Lil’ B. Same shit.

      • im going to have to disagree, riff raff doesnt compare to lil b. is he weird? most definitely, even weirder then b (i saw that video for now they mad and im still questioning whats even real anymore) but they are much different. the connection between the two is obvious, that being soulja boy. difference is raff tried to emulate soulja boy while soulja was trying to emulate base god. that track raff did with action bronson was dope (dont ask me the name, cant remember) but outside of that what does he really do? i think people get to stuck on the fact his more famous tracks ie: like a martian, wonton soup, cook my bitch etc etc, that they dont see the duality of his discography. once i found tracks like base for your face, God help me, walk the world, i killed hip hop, t shirts and buddens, then i was able to appreciate the based material. am i saying all his shit is dope? Fuck no, anybody who releases 15 albums in a year will release tons of garbage music. ive only gave about 4 a listen and there lacking compared to the rare classic joints he released. People need to give the man a chance, perhaps a why you should listen to lil b mixEP is an order..

        btw am i the only person who remember riff raff from G’s to Gent’s?

        • B-Easy

          I always thought the reason people liked Lil’ B’s “non-weird stuff”, like where he’s rapping over 9th Wonder beats and stuff, is because when you compare it to his regular stuff it sounds great. Sometimes a splash of paint on a canvas is just that and nothing more.

          The reason I say that Riff Raff is the new Lil’ B is because I feel that people try to legitimatize him. Harry Fraud & Action Bronson does songs with Riff Raff the same what Lil’ B does songs with Lil’ Wayne & Jean Grae. But unlike Soulja Boy, I don’t think neither Riff Raff or Lil’ B can take it to the next level. They’ll always be ‘Internet rappers’ and there’s nothing wrong with that.

          And yes, sadly I remember Riff Raff on ‘G’s To Gents’. The white coon campaign started then.

          • i can agree with that, they will forever be internet rappers, which in todays day and age seems like the way to go. ill be honest im surprised they both get the features they do. in my opinion, the real draw to lil b’s music is in its jekkyl and hyde values. i enjoy all types of music, especially with hip hop so hearing such diversity is refreshing. The reason i can listen to a track called pretty bitch and jam to it is because thats exactly what its for. Its not lyrical, his flow is ass, but its hilarious and the beat if fresh as fuck. But then again if i just want to kick it on my porch and smoke a cigarette i can bump God forgive me and just think about life and really absorb the music. truth is this simple fact makes him one of my favorite rappers. he will never climb to the lyrical heights of an El-p or Killer Mike (by far the two dopest rappers out right now outside of despot, but his lazy ass dont have an album out. best hip hop albums of 2012 were R.A.P. Music and Cancer for Cure by a long shot) but thats not expected nor do i think he can ever get there. But the odd spoken word-esque type style and his ability to adapt make the based god a unique being, as does riff raffs..well i dont know but either way i can respect both of their hustle.

    • P-Body

      You really a based god fan huh? Well I hope one of these years he will quit

  • P-Body

    Well Ryan was wrong about Drake being in my top 5. Drake isn’t in my top nothing… Pac still in my top 5 right now in 2013, that won’t ever change. Oh yeah Nas released a solid album I’m pleased with. I still bang that album from time to time. I was wrong about Soulja Toy & Lil B making music, dammit. Maybe this year will change. I don’t have any predictions/hopes for this year yet. I’ll start thinking of some later on during the week. Oh well I do have one hope that somehow Death Row will release 2Pac new album with 13 unreleased in original form songs, no remixed shit. That would be the best album of 2013 to me.


    Nas definitely put out a great album. A Nas album with only Premo beats would be nice. Slaughterhouse did put out a good album, but it could’ve been a lil better. Rick Ross could’ve did better with his album. Maybe the next one will be better.


    A new Jay-Z album would be nice, as long as it’s better than The Blueprint 3.

    • B-Easy

      I’m glad I wasn’t the first to say a new Jay-Z album would be nice (http://goo.gl/jX6zv). And The Blueprint 3 wasn’t that bad.

      • RTIII

        Yeah, the album wasn’t that bad, but parts of it could’ve been better tho.

      • blueprint 3 was definitely not jay’s worst album. Songs like “Already Home”, “D.O.A.”, “Run This Town” “So Ambitious” proved that. But then there was “Reminder” (one of my most hated songs ever!) “Hate” and “Off that” brought the album down. My favourite Jay-Z albums are Blueprint, Black Album and American Gangster.

        • what WAS his worst album then?

          • good question. maybe kingdom come. but then again that at least had some heart felt tracks like ‘lost ones’ and ‘minority report’. fuck man, i’ll get back to you.

          • Beach Chair alone may have damn near sunk Kingdom Come, that’s one of the worst songs in hip hop history period. But I still think I give it a slight edge over BP3 so for me, BP3 is possibly his worst, but it’s still better than a lot of other albums.

          • I’m going to create a lot of enemies with this statement but I don’t think Reasonable Doubt is his best. Not even one of his best. I much prefer the ones I said before.

        • CROOKS

          I didn’t like off that when I first had the album in rotation, but then I saw the life+times intro video use just the instrumental and now I love hearing that beat. Apart from that, some of timbalands worst work on his other contributions to the album

    • P-Body

      Yeah if Jay-Z made a album on American Gangsta level or Hard Knock Life Vol 2 or Black Album level, then yeah I would be happy to listen but I doubt it. BP3 is one of Jay-Z worst albums ever. Even In My Lifetime Volume 1 shitted on Blueprint 3 and I wasn’t too fond of that album either, would have been a classic if he didn’t put “The City Is Mine”, “Sunshine” (Along with that stupid video thanks to Puffy) and the ill-fated “I Know What Girls Like”. That has to be one of the worst songs ever made in music history, not just hip hop.

  • I need Nas to never make another album. He won the Superbowl, the Pennant, the Championship, go out on top bruh. I don’t think it’s possible for him to recreate that and why go out with a less than masterful album and have folks thinking you should have just quit while you were ahead.

    Pusha T makes more classic music? Um, how bout we start with just “some” music. This may be one of the most over-hyped, underwhelming signings in label history next to Ball and G with diddy.

    As much as I dig Ortiz, unless his album is produced by someone other than Shady camp, it’s gonna suck. He’s another that sounds/feels better of over some real throwback hip hop or soulful GFK style music.

    Why are we still even talking about Charles Hamilton and Detox in 2013? fuck all dat.

    • Really you’re not feeling Pusha? I dig all his verses. They paint pictures for me. All those videos he put out in 2011 were dope. But I suppose that was the year before last now. But I really get pumped to hear him spit. Especially on Cruel Summer.

      I think Shady will let Joell do his own thing with a few tracks with his own touch. But I suppose since he dropped “Covers the Classics” most people want to hear him on those kind of beats. Which is fair enough because it’s where he seems most comfortable.

      And I’m talking about Charles Hamilton because that dude is funny as fuck and always does something crazy when he comes out of the woods.

      • Oh nah, I’m not saying that. I think he’s pretty dope. Classic, eh…but how about like you said that was back in 2011 when he was active. Other than that, he ain’t done shit.

        • Yeah that’s true but I just feel like his verses on Cruel Summer where enough to keep me interested in the guy. Maybe it’s just me then. Isn’t it funny that how fast we can get music and how fast music is generated that a year gap means so much more now.

  • J.Cole & Kendrick album.

  • Seth

    Lil Kim, Eve, Azealia, and Missy albums please.

  • Mr. Jones

    When was Pusha T putting out Classic material, and no, Clipse doesn’t count.

    Also I guarantee you Joey Bada$$ does not blow up.

  • pmf

    i never even comment on shit but you faggots just piss me off so much. smh at how gay you are.