Trends That Need To Die In 2013


80 Gold Chains


Kanye West started the movement to revive the era of Slick Rick & Mr. T around 2009 when he was promoting his short film for “Runaway”. The My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy era provided many styles for other rappers to pick up: The leather suits he wore while performing “Runaway”, the black suits the G.O.O.D. Music clique rocked on their BET Hip-Hop cypher, and the Givenchy T-shirts and leather pants for regular days off. Unfortunately, the overabundance of neck-wear has been the main staple in the past three years. It has been overdone by everyone from Tyga to French Montana and even 2 CHAINZ!!!! Ironically.

Terrance Porter (Short-T) is a good kid from Ratchet City traveling through the world, searching for success with my Bachelor’s degree from LSU in Shreveport and open mind capable of expressing opinions on various topics and sharing life experiences. My preference as a rabid fan of original, abstract visuals and music is for my entertainment and therapy. I am a living contradiction as a people person that does not like people, meaning that I am social but I am also aware of others actions which is where most of my inspiration for writing comes from.
  • Saule Wright

    This shit is equal parts hilarious, brilliant and truth! Blog added to reader!

  • thatboyshortt318

    She said she want that Molly:

  • Da PocketSquare Kang

    Fun read dude. Hopefully gladiator sandals will die before 2013.

  • Calvin 2.0

    way to go on quoting Superbad sir.

  • King Jerm

    Great article, but I have a few problems with this article. What’s wrong with the leopard print tights on women? I am for ANYTHING tight on a woman. Camo cargos will NEVER not be hot. They match everything. Dyed hair??? Are you serious! That is one of my favorites! I can’t rock with you on that one!

    • thatboyshortt318

      I just see it too often on people that shouldn’t be wearing certain things. I’m tired of fat chicks wearing tight clothes claiming they’re thick. Camo cargos go with any and everything; that’s why I have problem with them. I spoke about women dying their hair, but I should’ve included Chris Brown in there too so my point could’ve been better.