FROCAST: Episode #59

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After last week…thank you for returning. We’re back on track to end the year forever with a quality show. We talk about sports and how good or bad our teams are doing. Touch on some music news including what may be the worst rap song ever according to Meek Mill. Chop it up about TV shows (Dexter spoilers, you’ve been warned). And a bunch of other shit as well. RNQ and HOHN make a return to round out the last show of forever. So get into it, we promise it’s better than last week. It’s time for episode #59 of the frocast.

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This Weeks HOHN: Easy Steve – “Me” (from an upcoming mixtape, no link)

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    Definitely a great and better episode of the frocast, than last week’s episode. Great segment on the sports. How did Brandon Marshall go from being a beast to cryin like a bitch after losing to the packers? Also, did y’all hear/read any reports about Tim Tebow wanting to leave the NY Jets and Robert Griffin III being fined $10000 for wearing Adidas at a postgame conference? I’m not sure about Lebron James being a LA Laker in 2014, but if so, anything is possible I guess. Cassidy is winning after all with that song he just came out with, and now he’s got a endorsement deal for the song, and it’s gotten Meek Mill looking like a hater. I’ve been hearing so much talk about the Dexter show, I’ma go ahead and check the show out. Doctors are treating Leukemia with AIDS? WTF? I don’t know man. That’s just……WOW! I enjoyed the QFTN segment and the RNQ segment. And the song for the HOHN, like King Jerm, the song is in the middle, but if I had to choose, it would be a Hell Naw. The connecticut shooting was sad, horrible, and fucked up. It’s just fucked up all the way. Shooting lil kids is definitely uncalled for. Like I said, I enjoyed this episode, and looking forward to more episodes to come. Also, I’m looking forward to the reviews on Game’s album, Big Boi’s album, and T.I.’s album.

  • King Jerm

    Bad show = 20+ comments…Good show = ONE comment? Ya’ll niggas!

  • thewirefan

    i had to go back and listen to this episode again since it’s thursday..i forgot u guys took the week off