FROCAST: Episode #58

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The curse of 12.12.12 got us y’all. It took three attempts to get you this low quality version of the show. Aside from the recording issues, I got a little ambitious and tried to not only get everyone on the show, but I also said scrap my usual emcee duties and well…you get this. I won’t go on any further forreal. If this is your first frocast, we’re sorry. We forgot to clean up the house when company was on it’s way so excuse the mess. We’ll do better next time. If you rock with the fro and you’re used to our aintshitness…we still owe you an apology. This may be the worst episode out of the 58. I don’t mean worst as in HAHA worst, worst as in “Why’d y’all even post this?” Hey, in the immortal words of Dae-Dae, “Playas fuck up.” Enjoy listen at your own risk…and give us another shot next week!

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  • Peter Parker

    file not found

    • everything works both the link and the stream for me.

  • B-Easy

    The old man in this GIF is this FROCAST:

  • Sean

    Aye, fall back on that ‘hey Sean’ shit bruh! The tone in yo voice was all wrong. Ima need a ‘what up nigga’ or ‘what’s happenin’. And SAY IT WIT YO CHEST!! . . Anyway, i hope you really don’t think im worried about losing to the Panthers when we got a playoff spot locked. And like Jerm said, if them niggas got off the bus before the end of the first half they woulda won the game. Plus, you gotta know that they prolly spent that week on the gameplan for the Giants. Y’all just make sure y’all finish off the Bears and the Vikings cause Brandon Marshall already said he got somethin fo y’all this week. And we all know if A.P. get some help in the next game y’all in trouble. . . On another note. . . Don’t none of y’all play Madden or Call of Duty or video games in general? I don’t ever hear y’all talkin bout it.

    • LMAO. Yeah, I game most out the crew I think. I wanted to add a gaming segment just to talk about it but shit, I’d be talking to myself. lol

      • Sean

        I hear ya. Well I guess if the rest of the audience don’t care enough to ask about it, it ain’t worth adding to the show. You on PS3 or Xbox?

    • I said it soft cuz y’all play soft.

      • Sean

        Whatever you say buddy.

  • King Jerm

    B-Easy successfully ruined our show this week. If it’s up to me, he will NEVER appear on another frocast!

    • lol can we talk about yo bipolar ass though? We the divas and you hung up and ran away from the show? lol And WHY you gotta talk after I try and rap up the show when I give you time before the rap to give shoutouts lol.

      • King Jerm

        No need to belittle me Saule…I did what I did. We all know who the mole was on this show. I hope we can recover from this.


    Even though this is the worst episode of the frocast, I still enjoyed it. Nothing against 2 Chainz or anything, but if he/Rick Ross wins the Best Rap Album, that would be some bullshit. But IMO, I see either Drake/Nas winning that. But like Saule said, fuck the grammys, because of the fuckery that always happening. Manny Pacquiao getting knocked the fuck out was just……DAMN! Now it done got crazy with Manny’s mom blaming the knockout on his change of religion. WTF does that have to do with boxing? It was funny to hear B-Easy promoting the Fro Horsemen, while King Jerm promoting the FROCAST. That’s crazy to hear some info on T.O.’s whole name. And for the next frocast, Have y’all heard of Trinidad James? If so, what do y’all think about him? Also, what do y’all think about Trinidad James signing to Def Jam?

    • the funny thing is that we actually talked about Trinidad on one of these versions.

      • RTIII

        My bad. I forgot about that for a second.

        • damn, show even got the MVP fuckin’ up.

          • RTIII

            Like you said Saule, in the immortal words of Dae-Dae, “Playas fuck up.”

  • Static

    Ratchet as hell.

  • I’m so mad that thisw this episode is getting so many comments and our good stuff only getting one or two lol. Maybe we need to sell out and dumb it down…er, I mean keep it 3 hunnid!

    • after this episode, nobody should think we’re gettin’ paid lol

  • thewirefan

    i’ve listened to literally every frocast..i lurk the site every now and again..but i just have too say that this is one of the funniest fuckin frocasts i’ve yet too hear

    • King Jerm

      preciate that homie!

    • perciate the love mayne!

  • P-Body

    This is a rough sketch mane.

  • saulewright

    this fucking episode

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