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After a week off, which is explained on the show, your band favorite 3 Man Band (B-Easy, you’re welcome) is back with more convo about our favorite show. We talk about the TLC PPV for December 16th, the Tribute to the Troops that airs December 19th, and much much more. Per usual, we’re fans and this show is for fans, so we rarely stay on topic. So get’chu some of this A.D.D. ass wrestling podcast, because you know you like it. Let’s get ready to RAMBLE!

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  • B-Easy


    • I think you may be right, he ain’t shavin that shitstache

  • Static

    B-Easy, who in the hell is “Santonio Marella”, yea I caught that error….sorry.


    Great episode. It should be interesting to see how the TLC PPV will turn out. Cody Rhodes threw me off with that mustache that he got. Yeah, The Miz did kinda fuck up on RAW while he talking about Cody Rhodes/himself. I actually do agree about JBL doing the commentary instead of Michael Cole.

    • Any predictions for the PPV?

      • RTIII

        Hopefully Sheamus will win, Hell No and Ryback will win, Wade Barrett will win with it being an upset, it’s kinda hard to choose between Dolph Ziggler and John Cena. That’s all I can think of right now.