Game feat. Kanye West & Common – “Jesus Piece”

Is it Sunday already? Nah, but here is the Kanye West & Common featured song off Game‘s upcoming album Jesus Piece (Which probably means the album has leaked or is on the verge of leaking). This is also the song that made Game change the album title from F.I.V.E. and “redid all the rest of the songs to fit the concept”. And yeah, Yeezy is only on the hook. No complaints though. Produced by Boi-1da & The Maven Boys. Jesus Piece drops on Dec. 11th.

Download: Game feat. Kanye West & Common – “Jesus Piece”
Bonus: Game feat. Lil’ Wayne, Big Sean, Fabolous, & Jeremih – “All That (Lady)”

  • Pitbull

    Told ya niggas ud be back when some GOOD shit came out. Needless to say, after that Kendrick and all of Game’s recent works…its time to come out of retirement! YOU KO DAT CUBAN FROM MIAMI KEEPS YA’LL ON YA’LLS TOES with the shit he be sayin. Proud my Heat came through this year mayne, i NEEDED that little gambling money to pay off these student loans.