FROCAST: Episode #56

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While we appreciate the Frobot handling the duty last week, FUCK OUTTA HERE, WE BACK BITCHES! The fuckery is at an all time high as we ramble for over 2hours! We talk about sports per usual but we also get into some other stuff. Like K.Dot being named Source’s rookie of the year, Chris Brown getting ran off twitter, SanduskMo in Elmogate, one of your favorite rappers being older than…well, OLD when it comes to this rap thing (speaking of old and possibly out of touch, you seen this Jordan special). And most importantly, Jerm sticks the landing on a QFTN this week…and lets just say that if you weren’t offended by any previous episode, we will offend you this time. Even GQ Blu joins in and takes a shot at one of our best cities.

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  • King Jerm

    I think once people start leaving voicemails and hearing them on the show…things are gonna get crazy on the frocast!

    • lol gonna, as if this shit ain’t already out of order.

  • B-Easy

    Wait, Saule & GQ didn’t know about the “pinch the baby” trick? Damn.

    • King Jerm

      So, I’m not the only one…

      • Y’all have taken Ain’t Shitness to a whole new level. lol

  • Vic “Smoke” Damone


    • King Jerm

      I will not speak a good word about them Mutts!

  • thatboyshortt318

    My mom put me on to the show.That’s the only episode I’ve ever seen and I haven’t watched any since. The pastor is from my hometown, Shreveport, and I went to his church once.

    • King Jerm

      I HAD to give you a tough time bruh! Aye…how was that Classic tho?

      • thatboyshortt318

        Ive never been to the Bayou Classic. New Orleans is less than five hours away from me. Its on my to-do list.


    Definitely one hell of a great episode of the frocast. It was interesting to hear about how Thanksgiving was last week. LOL @ King Jerm going off on the kid saying what he’s thankful for. That’s fucked up and crazy to hear about people getting shot at the Wal-Mart parking lot during Black Friday, but then again, I knew some shit like that was gonna happen. I rather shop online, then shop at the store, especially on a day like Black Friday. Great segment on the sports. The story of Chris Brown deleting his Twitter page over going at some comedian was bullshit. King Jerm said it best when he said Twitter ain’t for everybody. And No, it’s not fair to keep bringing up about Chris Brown beating on Rihanna. Yeah, Chris was wrong for doing that, he admitted it and apologized for doing that. But of course, some people just won’t move the fuck on. I’m didn’t even think/even guessed for a second that 2 Chainz is 42 years old. Who cares about Nicki Minaj’s album? GQ Blu said it best when he asked who would want to buy the same album. I’m not surprised that the album’s not doing well. And since when in the hell did Keyshia Cole think it was okay to come out and say she’s not black? LOL @ King Jerm explaining the difference between the capital B Black and lower B Black. 2 more people came out accusing the Elmo guy the same thing the first person said. Yeah, he’s done. He resigned anyway. What kind of name is Man-Man for a nigga/any other crazy ass name? Version 2.0 as the first name? WTF??? The whole RNQ moment/segment was just crazy, funny, and….WOW!!! And the QFTN segment was great.

  • Great Frocast. Shit was wild about the woman beating her dude’s ass for cumming too quick. Since I’m young (22 years old), I’ve never came fast before. Actually, the fastest I ever came was about 35 minutes. And that was when I lost my virginity. Like, no bullshit. I guess I won’t have to worry about that shit until I reach Saule’s age or somethin lol.

  • Y’all are so damn crazy. Thanks for congratulating me on my engagement. And we were “ringless” engaged for a month, Saule. I just didn’t announce it until I got a ring…cuz you KNOW how niggaz are….O_o. LOL.

  • Mike L

    Funny, and offensive as usual, wouldn’t listen if it was any other way. I can definitely feel Keisha Cole on not wanting to call her self black, cause as a mixed kid coming up in the south I would’ve loved to have been accepted by someone white or black; but both were always very willing to let me know that I was a funny color and didn’t fit in. As far the pastor situation, you can absolutely forgive him for cheating on his wife with another woman, but not a guy. With the chick its just adultery, with the guy it’s adultery and homosexuality; that’s twice the sin! Appreciate y’all answering my questions too, keep doing what y’all do.

  • Sean

    Jerm, i was bout to trip if y’all let the homie GQ go the whole episode without mentioning that ASS WHOOPIN the Packers took Sunday. GQ, yo boys gone have to damn near win out to make the playoffs now and I don’t know if that’s gone happen with the schedule they got left. . . I wanna shout out Corey Peters too tho for that pick he had last night even tho it was called back on that bs offsides call. . . WE DAT!!

    • What you mean? We’re 7-4 and currently have the 1st Wildcard spot. We can still win the division since we’re undefeated in the division and even if we didn’t, the year we won the Super Bowl we were a 9-7 wildcard, just like the Giants last year. And as great as the Falcons are, the great Matt Ryan and his receivers went 2/12 on 3rd down. Y’all good, not invincible fam.

      • Sean

        Just fuckin with you bruh. I really don’t doubt y’all will make the playoffs. I already know Falcons ain’t invincible but regardless of who have a bad game they find a way to win.