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We owed you one for last week. This week we talk about the Survivor Series, the Raw the night after, and all the rambling we can fit in there as well. Shout out to Seth Rollins, I’m personally expecting him to be a future star for WWE, glad to see him get called up. Anyway, let’s get to the show

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  • B-Easy

    It’s decided. I’m gonna start telling hoes what Dolph told AJ in the locker room. Show off.

    • B-Easy

      Also, shout out to White Jessie!

      • Da PocketSquare Kang

        Man White Jesse came through in the clutch. You gotta love how friendly white people are to strangers.


    A good episode. I knew some bullshit was going happen at Survivor Series, but I didn’t think more of it was gonna happen like Big Show pulling the ref to take the Brogue Kick instead of himself and knocking out Sheamus to win the match, and Ryback getting beat up by those 3 NXT dudes, and CM Punk is still the champ. B-Easy does have a point about CM Punk looking kinda confused, while Paul Heyman looked happy when Ryback was getting attacked by those 3 dudes again. John Cena and AJ kissing last night on RAW was crazy, then Dolph Ziggler had to come and fight Cena. Then, seeing Cena fuck up his ankle was not good. Even though all the shit that Dolph said to AJ was some cold shit, but was also some damn near PRICELESS shit at the same damn time. It was funny when the Primetime Players were doing the commentary with Jerry Lawler and Michael Cole. And the stuff they were saying was crazy. I still don’t get why Brad Maddox was even mentioned, even though his 15 seconds of fame ended when Ryback beat the shit outta him last week. It’ll be interesting to see how the CM Punk Vs The Rock match at the Royal Rumble will turn out.