Song of the Week: Outkast – “Player’s Ball” & “Da Art Of Storytellin'”

There are so many reasons why I’ve chosen a song from Outkast for this week’s pick.

First thing is that RTlll posted up in last week’s SOTW comment section that he wanted Outkast’s “Da Art of Storytellin'” to be chosen. This was a great pick that blew my mind and reminded me that I needed to dig throw my Outkast CD’s some more. This got me thinking about other ‘Kast tracks. I didn’t want to bite RTIII choice but I also wanted to give the guy some props for having great taste in music.

I was torn between the song that started it all off for the group and one of their major hits. So I just said fuck it and choose both. I mean there’s no rules at the ‘Fro that says there’s only one song per week. Or is there? I don’t know, we’ll soon see.

But for time being let’s focus on these two great tracks. Forget about the “Gillette shit” remarks and remember the time when Big Boi and A3K were just making great music.

Does anyone else think that every Outkast album is a breath of fresh air for Hip-Hop?

As always tell me what song you’d like to see posted up. Maybe another ‘Kast track? Another Christmas rap song or just something completely different all together?

Enjoy this week’s song(s).


  1. How fucking young were these guys back then? Like 19? Damn. Makes me feel so unaccomplished.
  2. Wonder why Slick Rick was only in the video version of “Da Art of Storytellin’”?
  3. Also while reading this can everybody please put their collective prays together and hopefully the Hip-Hop gods will allow another Outkast album to be made.