The Numbers Game: Ne-Yo, E-40, Too Short, & Saigon

Today is one of those Numbers Game where I’m just not that into the new releases (You can tell by the default image above). I probably won’t check out Ne-Yo‘s album R.E.D., I don’t have the time to listen to a double album by E-40 & Too Short (If somebody doesn’t talk to E-40 he’s liable to release a 10 disc album soon). As for Saigon‘s The Greatest Story Never Told Chapter 2: Bread & Circuses? I don’t really care which is funny because all the critics who were saying that the first The Greatest Story Never Told was classic seem not to care that much either.

I’ll be back harder & more interested next week seeing as the sales of The Weeknd’s debut album, which is basically all the songs from his free mixtapes, are doing pretty well.

#4 Ne-Yo – R.E.D. (Last Week: NA) – 66,100; Total: NA [Debut]
#8 Meek Mill – Dreams & Nightmares (Last Week: #2) – 41,100; Total: 205,900 [2 Weeks]
#9 Kendrick Lamar – good kid, m.A.A.d. city (Last Week: #5) – 40,100; Total: 344,600 [3 Weeks]
#32 Miguel – Kaleidoscope Dream (Last Week: #26) – 10,500; Total: 169,600 [6 Weeks]
#38 Brandy – Two Eleven (Last Week: #29) – 10,500; Total: 110,700 [5 Weeks]
#41 2 Chainz – Based On A T.R.U. Story (Last Week: #35) – 9,800; Total: 374,500 [13 Weeks]
#47 Macklemore & Ryan Lewis – The Heist (Last Week: #39) – 8,200; Total: 125,700 [5 Weeks]
#48 G.O.O.D. Music – Cruel Summer (Last Week: #42) – 7,900; Total: 347,900 [8 Weeks]
#62 E-40 & Too Short – History: Function Music (Last Week: NA) – 6,500; Total: NA [Debut]
#71 E-40 & Too Short – History: Mob Music (Last Week: NA) – 5,800; Total: NA [Debut]
#189 Saigon – The Greatest Story Never Told Chapter 2: Bread & Circuses (Last Week: NA) – 2,800; Total: NA [Debut]

Hip-Hop + R&B sales for the week of November 6th

Young Barry White. The geek out of the bunch. He is also Jay-Z’s biggest fan. He looks like your cousin from the burbs. He is “Pro Black” (not anti-white, just “Pro Black”). Probably the wittiest out of the bunch. It is said that he got fired from the same job three times.
  • Saule Wright

    and to think, Ne-Yo was crying about pirates….nigga got Country and oontz oontz music on this shit.

    • B-Easy

      How the mighty have fallen…

  • P-Body

    Damn E-40 & Too $hort didn’t do much at all. I didn’t like the album much it was very skippable and I use to like these guys music a lot well Too $hort use to go off when he had the Dangerous Crew. I like party music but all the songs are party, since when those too became known for party records? Ne-Yo album is just alright.