FROCAST: Episode #51

If you follow either myself (@saulewright) or the fro (@nappyafro) on twitter use #frocast for the topic. Let’s make this a trending topic fronation.

We’re back to our usual nonsense. Sports, TV, Music and some other news including a woman setting herself on fire…and blaming someone else and then, there is THIS pic. All of that is followed by one of the most insane RNQ’s that we’ve ever received. There’s nothing else to say, it’s time for Episode #51.

This weeks HOHN – P-Teezy (P-Body) “Watch Out”

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  • I may be reconsidering my opinion…not saying that Cam isn’t playing well, but I DO think I may be undervaluing the teammates he has. Jerm got this one right. Cam is playing bad no matter what talent is out there.

    • King Jerm

      Kills you to say that doesn’t it? It’s okay…no one is here but us. Your secret is safe with me.

  • Clay Davis

    Clay DavisGood Frocast and Cam won’t get any love unless he starts shufflin’ for the media.

    • nah, he needs to shut up and play

      • Clay Davis

        Cam is statistically putting up the same numbers from last year. It looks like coaching is the problem to me.

        • 2011 147-229 10ints 1867 12td thru 6 games
          2012 101-173 6ints 1387 8ds (TD’s combined rushing and passing)

          Iono Clay, I think his output is definitely lower than before. 500 fewer passing yards, 46 fewer completions, 4 fewer TD’s and only 4 fewer picks? He’s not as efficient as he was last season.

  • King Jerm

    For the record, I didn’t have anything to do with the song.


    Good episode of the frocast. The situation involving Lance Armstrong is just crazy. Even though the Lakers lost their 1st game this season, like King Jerm, it doesn’t really matter. Let’s see how the rest of the season will turn out for them. Great segment on the sports, even though I don’t watch it as much as I want to. Slut League? WOW! WTF was that lady thinking about lighting herself on fire, and writing stuff on her car, but turn around called the cops and said some white people did it instead? That bitch is crazy. And speaking of WTF, WTFF was Wyclef thinking about posting that BS pic of himself? That fuckin weirdo. IMO, that album by Kendrick Lamar is definitely dope. If y’all do a review on that album, I’ll be looking forward to it. Also IMO, I think Kendrick Lamar’s album along with Nas’s Life Is Good and Lupe Fiasco’s F&L 2: TGARA Pt. 1 are some of the best albums to come out this year. The Real Nigga Quotes segment was crazy, fucked up, a LARGE WTF, even funny, etc. But, it was just too fucking much. And for the song for the HOHN, I think it’s pretty good. Call me crazy if you want to, but I say it’s a hit.

    • lol a hit even? aite den RTIII! We’ll def have that review for y’all next week.

      • P-Body

        You can say what you want Saule.. We should have a sparring session one day in the ring or cage if you up for it.

        • King Jerm

          Challange! (c) Cosby Show

        • LOL nigga wanna fight

          • P-Body

            Naw just spar but we can have a real fight if you like. I love fighting. I’ll probably just make a diss record or freestyle instead. No beef at all mane and you’re entitled to your opinion but Silkk The Shocker mane? Smh I have to diss you for that one.

          • lol once again, hangin’ out with Jerm and I end up in the crossfire. Jerm ducks out on his BOYS music and I get the diss track and invited to fight…sorry, spar. lol.

          • P-Body

            What do you want the title of the diss record to be called? “The things you say?”, “It aint over til I say so”, “you should have known” and whatever else you can think of. I will write later this week because you said Silkk The Shocker. I was ok until I heard that.

          • I’m flattered you’re writing me a song n shit, but I’m straight, AND I’m married.

          • P-Body

            Naw dude don’t even go there. It’s a diss mane you definitely got P-Body confused with that one. Smh @ you for having them thoughts like that my dude.

          • lol hey man, if you want to spend time away from all your training n shit to make a song about dude, then that’s yo move champ. It really MUST not be shit to do in Colorado. smh

          • P-Body

            Actually I would do it if I was still living in Atlanta. I always find ways to make beats and do music during my busy life. I wrote the song in 15 mins but I will make the beat later. That Silkk the shocker comparison made me write this. I will send it to Jerm first I suppose. No hard feelings, its fun for me but I gotta do it.

          • King Jerm

            *MJ Finals Shrug*

  • Mike L

    Another funny ass episode! The Lance Armstrong situation is straight bullshit to me, instead of spending millions of dollar to convict this mu’fucker they could have donated that to cancer research. Anyway, I may have to buy that Kendrick Lamar album, it was definitely a surprise my liking it as much as I did. Keep doing what y’all do.

    • perciate’cha. Eh, I don’t know that any millions were spent nor why they would have needed to donate. It was the agency who’s job was to investigate that stuff. Sounds like they simply asked questions, put together a case and presented it. Thanks for checkin’ out the show

      • Mike L

        Well, of course they wouldn’t have had any reason to donate anything. My point just was that the money they spent could’ve been used for something more productive. Cause from what i understand the committee that investigated Armstrong re-tested all his drug test results, interogated not only him but his entire camp, and everyone that had an association with him. That had to cost some bread.

        • but that’s what they do. I mean, I hear what you’re saying but they money they used to do that is what the money is for, that’s all. EVERYONE could use money to support cancer research but when you have a purpose other than that, then you use it for what it’s for.

  • B-Easy

    The moment when Saule started talking about busting nuts on bibles is the moment I realized he was just as ignorant as King Jerm. and me.