Fro’ Fantasy Football League Week 2 Recap

Week 2 is in the books and we have some surprises going around the league. SOMEONE took a rather HUGE L this week, but I will let you find out who that was in the RUNDOWN. I really don’t know what to say in this intro…but that it doesn’t look good for the HOME TEAM!

Week 2 Results *Winners in BOLD*

Heisenberg  – 74.94
North Caka Laka All Day  – 122.80

Well..the hangover lasted another week for KJ and his squad. Jenk ROLLED over his competition this week like it was roadkill and he was in a 18 wheeler. Heisenberg didn’t stand a chance against that lineup. Hats off to Jenk for putting that stick to KJ like that. (PAUSE)

Head Bangaz  – 84.64
Hip Hop Junkies  – 86.36

Saule Wright did something that he has NEVER done before…started the season 2-0. Might be a small accomplishment to you guys, but for SW and the HHJ, this is BIG. Call me crazy but SW might surprise people this season. Way to win the close ones SW. More bad news for Cyclone…you play Heisenberg next week.

TyshonRockz  – 83.30
Fuck yo feelings  – 89.04

The battle of the two lite brites went to Jamal and FYF. He really has been keeping it lowkey this season and doing all his smacktalk on the field.  Hey, whatever you need to do to get a W is alright with me.

Vaudeville Villains  – 119.70
ABC Easy as RG3  – 78.84

Cornell took his first L in the FFFL to Arkitekt. Only fitting right? I guess he didn’t know how consistent Tekt is with this fantasy football. I expect BOTH of these teams to make the playoffs, so a rematch could be in the works. Good win Ark!

Shut_em_da_fuck_up  – 72.36
Hit Squad  – 78.94

Big O has a way to make you play your ugliest games. Faraj found out about that this week. After putting up 130 last week, he only managed to put up 72 this week. I call that the Big O effect. He plays smashmouth fantasy football. Nothing pretty or graceful…just straight up football. Good win O!

Los Pollos Hermanos  – 75.20
Dr Mom Loves Chocolate  – 100.32

The woes of LPH continue to mount. Dr. Mom prescribed some medicine that LPH could not swallow and it cost him dearly. Yeah, it’s early but we saw what happened last season. Dr. Mom rebounded from that Week 1 loss with a victory that might build some momentum in the lab. GO DR. MOM!

Detroit FaceFuckers  – 90.76
Spread Jermz  – 86.40

Spread Jermz let me down by letting this little fucker win. How do you let this nigga off the hook like that? C’mon SJ, you better than this! Get your shit together and come back HARDER next week! (Pause)

Dirty ravens  – 103.16
Vice Kings  – 130.32

What can I say about Vice Kings? The man is on a mission to get that title that was “stolen” from him last year. I would hate to be one of the teams in his way. The Dirty ravens suffered their first loss of the season, but I look for them to be one of the more competitive teams in the league this year. Good win Clay Davis!

Overall Standings

Black Division

1. Vaudeville Villains 2-0

2. Hip Hop Junkies 2-0

3. TyshonRockz 1-1

4. Shut em da fuck up 1-1

5. North Caka Laka All Day 1-1

6. Los Pollos Hermanos 0-2

7. Heisenberg 0-2

8 Head Bangaz 0-2

Green Division

1. Vice Kings 2-0

2. Fuck yo Feelings 2-0

3. Dirty Ravens 1-1

4. Hit Squad 1-1

5. ABC Easy as RG3 1-1

6. Detroit FaceFuckers 1-1

7. Dr Mom Loves Chocolate 1-1

8. Spread Jermz 0-2