Convo With Cornell: Matt McGhee

I don’t know if I can keep up my pace to giving you this once a week. But the more good music I come across, the more I will share with you all. This interview centers around Dipset, rap battles, and Matt Mcghee’s music of course.

Are you aware about the Matt McGhee ( that makes hand painted ornaments in Europe?

When I was trying to get my domain, ( and that what it was taken by. Yeah, that shit is weird.

You just recently released your mixtape, GIRLS, and how has the response been so far?

For the most part, everyone likes it. A lot of people do not like that it is so short. People probably think it was a concept to it and I had a lot of order. But it really wasn’t. I just recorded a whole bunch of stuff put it together and put it out. Everyone likes it for the most part. People were just waiting for something new.

Have you got any backlash for the girls that are named after the songs?

They got mad before I put it out. Because when girls see their name they automatically think the worst. Some of them probably thought I was airing them out or something like that. But it wasn’t nothing like that.

What is the name of the album and when do you expect it to be released?

The name of it is AWARD. I don’t have a date. I have a date but I haven’t released it yet. It will be before the year is over.

What does the AWARD stand for?

Always Working At Reaching Destiny.

How many members are in the Grammy Family?

Officially there is me, rMell, Miles Meraki, Chelsea, Jaylen!, Crashprez. So there are officially six members but there is unofficial members that help us out. They will be there in the studio sessions sometimes.

What song would you say drove you to be in the music industry?

I can’t really say. I think the album as a whole that made me want to do is The Love Below. It was a mix between The Love Below, The Black Album and The College Dropout. Those three albums made me want to do music.

What do you feel is the biggest obstacle now in the music industry?

Getting people to listen. That is basically what it is. It is like if you could have a small following or you can have people listen to your stuff. But it’s like if the RIGHT person doesn’t hear it you are not going to go anywhere. So you have to get those people to listen or you are going to stay where you are. That shit is challenging.

Do you think the industry is saturated with too many rappers nowadays?

I think it is just full of people that don’t really deserve it. Because they will get to a certain point, get comfortable and relax. They would think that’s cool but it is really not. You got to continue to work or somebody else will take your spot. It is people that don’t understand that don’t need to be in the position that they are in.

If you could rap battle anybody past or future, who would it be and why?

I wish I was a rap battler. I used to watch Meek Millz and Reed Dollaz videos when I was younger. I just never got into it. If I was a really good rap battler, it would be Jin because everybody was like “this nigga nice, man and he Chinese”. I would just want to shut him down just because.

Would you be happy with a BET Award if you didn’t get a Grammy?

I don’t know man because I don’t really fuck with BET like that. But I would be cool with it but I would want something like a VMA. A VMA is like right under a Grammy to me. It would have to be a VMA for me to be happy.

Are you happy with Kevin Hart hosting the VMA’s soon?

I figured he was going to do it. I figured he was going to do it one of these years because Kevin Hart is getting bread. He is getting mad popular so it was a matter of time.

Who was your favorite member of Dipset when you were growing up?

Juelz Santana. I fucked with him. I could tell he was the youngest one. He was the nigga that was closer
to my age and he got bitches. That is pretty much what I inspired to be.

Did you have a favorite member of State Property?

I fucked with the Young Gunz and Freeway. All of them niggaz was tight though.

What about favorite football team? Are you rooting for anybody this season?

Na, man. I used to be into football heavy. The Redskins kept disappointing me so I just stop watching it.

You can’t let them down man. They are going to come through. It is bound to happen.

I mean I might watch a few games to see what goes on. But as of right now, I am not going for anybody.

Any final thoughts, shoutouts?

AWARD isn’t coming out until later this year but NEOGEO is coming out soon. We have something dropping on August 25th.

What is NEO GEO about?

That is rMell’s album. He dropped Freckles. That is his version of GIRLS. NEOGEO is like the AWARD. But before that we having a promo joint dropping on the 25th.