FROCAST: Episode #39

FROCAST #39 for ya stankin’ ass. We hit up some tragic events before we really get into the show. After that, we stick to the music…sorta. We question what’s classic, talk about the ratchet (LHHATL), answer some questions and have a new Hit or Hell Naw that you don’t want to miss. The gangs all here so you know it’s about to be some serious laughs. Kick back, 39 is on tap.

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  • On The Chronic, “The Day the Niggaz Took Over”,
    “Stranded on Death Row”, and “Lil’ Ghetto Boy” are all off songs that I skip damn near every time I play that album. Not a 5star classic, but I agree that the rest of the production was epic.

    • P-Body

      Are you serious? Man…… Saule sometimes you surprise me. Them songs are classics and the production on those songs were great for it’s time.

      • yeah, I’m not of fan of those songs.

        • P-Body

          But you said Lil Kim Naked Truth is a classic but you say those Dr. Dre songs aren’t? Man….

          • yep, glad you know what I said. lol

          • P-Body

            Smh Saule. That album is so horrible I wanted to blow my own house up.

          • c’mon bruh, don’t blame that desire to blow up the house on that album. lol

          • P-Body

            Seriously man that album is garbage. Me and B-Easy was shaking our head when we read the Source Magazine years ago when they handed that piece of shit 5 mics. They gave Clipse 2nd album 5 mics which I don’t understand til this day….. I use to be The Source fan but over the past 10 years they been full of shit and handing away 5 mics like government cheese.

  • King Jerm

    This was a fun show. Lots of laughs to go around!

  • B-Easy

    Original nWo Wolfpac: Kevin Nash, Scott Hall, AND Hollywood Hogan

    • One of the greatest moments in wrestling history…and we STILL formed up when you went AWOL. lol. BUT, you were pretty dead on with the analogy, so there it is the nWo….nappy World order.


    Another great episode of the frocast. That’s messed up about what happened to the people in Colorado who went to see the Batman movie. How much more ratchetness can happen/can it get on the Love & Hip-Hop Atlanta show? Once again Saule, that was a great review you did on the Nas album. And about the song, whether it’s a Hell Naw/Fuck Naw, I didn’t care for it. Also, on the next frocast, are y’all going talk about the passing of Sherman Hemsley?

    • P-Body

      I’m glad somebody spoke about Sherman Hemsley. People tend to forget about him. He was very underrated….. I live in Colorado now and that’s all people been talking about is that shooting around here, it’s sad.

    • I will be watching the Martin DMV episode with Sherman on there this weekend. Dude was really the black archie bunker. First dude to say honkey on a weekly show is alright by me. Thanks for the props on the review LOL@the HOHN.

      • RTIII

        That’s true about Sherman being the first dude to say honkey on a show, and no problem on the review man.

  • Mike L

    Great fucking show! Every Thursday I download this sfhit with my shitty pre-paid phone. Anyway, i.m.o a opinion a 5 star album can not be a classic, and a classic album can be a non 5 star album. For example, The Marshall Mathers LP is generally considered a classic; but to me its not a five star album. On the other hand The Eminem Show is i.m.o a five star album, but is not brought up in classics conversation. I had a real nigga quote question that came from a conversation between me and a homie, but it’s kinda fucked up; so I’ll leave it alone.

    • thanks for chiming in Mike. Send your question in, can’t be any worse than the shit we got from Arnold this week.

  • Rickjamesbitch!

    Good shit yall, glad to have the crew back together! I personally agree with Jerm on the Penn State ruling, I don’t see why they voided the wins when getting molested didn’t make the team play any better. I see why they did it, but I don’t agree with it. That track was a hell naw if I ever heard one.. That dude sounded like a nerdy ass RZA and he just wasn’t good, plus the hook sucked.

    • I wish they would go back and void the money generated too.

      • Rickjamesbitch

        I’d prefer that, that’s more of a punishment to the coaches than the students.

    • This Guy

      Nerdy ass RZA sounds right.

  • P-Body

    Drake put out 5 star albums? What???? Oh no

  • P-Body

    Saule is tripping with the HNIC and Only Built 4 Cuban Link albums. Those albums were great but once again he said Naked Truth by Lil Kim is classic…. I don’t understand it

    • lol, it’s okay. I’m not worried about someone that thinks Three6Mafia is the best group of all time not agreeing with some of my opinions on music. lol

      • P-Body

        But the thing is that Three 6 Mafia is the best group of all time and it is so true. The sounds you hear being made in hip hop such as the buck type trap beats are influenced from Three 6 Mafia and Memphis. If it wasn’t for them then beats wouldn’t be made the way they are nowadays…. Give them their props!

        • you went well beyond “props” by saying GOAT group. As usual, we just disagree

          • P-Body

            Well who is the best group to you? Either you can say Hot Boys, Geto Boys, TRU, Thug Life, Outlawz, Screwed up click, def squad, wu ang, old school bone thugs, nwa or dpg. I will except those

          • LMAO

          • P-Body

            Oh yeah I forgot about 8Ball & MJG, UGK, and Death Row. The Firm (except Nas one of the GOAT), Bad Boy, Boogie Down Productions or Juice Crew don’t count since their not the best… I bet you think Three 6 is the GOAT group but you just don’t want to confess because you think people are going to point fingers at you, it’s alright Rev Wright. 6 Double 6 is legends in the game, recognize it brother.

  • P-Body

    I gotta say this is one of the funniest episodes for real. I gotta appear on one of these episodes soon.

  • “You just garbage n*gga!” Man, Jerm keeps winning.

  • What do y’all think about the intro music for the HOHN and the RNQ’s? Love em or hate em?

    • RTIII

      I’m cool with the intro music for the HOHN & the RNQ’s.

  • Vic “Smoke” Damone

    This was funny as hell. I gotta get on here and talk shit wit yall one day

  • Kendrick Lamar’s album might be a classic but it is not a five star.
    Cee-Lol Green’s “The Lady Killer” is a five star album.

    • B-Easy

      The Lady Killer a 5 star album?

  • This Guy

    I laughed at so many things in this episode. Wanted to say, Hell Naw too.