Happy 4th Of July

Happy 4th. Catch a few cookouts, watch some fireworks, and have a safe Independence Day (Even to those not in the States. What’s up Calvin & Eddy?). And while the picture gives many reasons to love this country, be sure to check out Saule Wright’s 4th of July ready soundtrack via Fro FM.

  • this makes me wanna say: god bless america!

  • This Guy

    Now that makes this 4th of July quite happy.

  • yo Eddy. where you from?

    • Eddy Baltazar

      Good lookin B. Happy 4th of July to the ‘Nation. Whattup Calvin 2.0 – Am from Mozambique but I reside in Sweden. U?

      • o cool man. i’m from australia. representin’ the foreigners for the ‘fro nation

        • Eddy Baltazar

          Keep on keepin on bruh…