Convo With Cornell: Cane

We going to keep it going with another interview with this emcee who goes by the name Cane. No, he does not sling that white but it is the color of his skin. We talk about his opinion on that and much more.

“Grassroots Tangent”


Cornell Da Gr8:  What is goal of yours that you wish to accomplish before you die? What is on your bucket list musically or in life in general?

Cane: My ultimate goal is to make music for a living. As far as my bucket list, I want to perform at SXSW and AC3.  I also want my video aired on MTV.

Cornell Da Gr8: Where do you write most of your lyrics? Have you switched to writing it on your phone or another electronic device with the changes in technology?

Cane: I start writing and jotting down my lyrics at the studio with Lou Burna. Once I have the direction of the song, I finish writing it at my small, makeshift studio I call the Danger Room. I do write almost all of my lyrics on my phone, but every now and then I’ll get the urge to break out one of my rhyme books.

Cornell Da Gr8: Is rap your full time job right now? Do you have another occupation? If rap is not your job, do you have a set date in your mind when you want to focus on it full time?

Cane: No, rap is not my full time job. During the day I work with disabled and troubled youth.  I can’t put a date on when music will be my full time job, but that is the goal.  I have wanted it to be my job since I got out of school a few years ago. I can’t worry about it. All I can do is continue to work hard and make undeniable music.

Cornell Da Gr8: Why Cane? Did you have any other rap names before you decided on Cane?

Cane: I started going by Hurricane when I was in high school.  I was motivated by the story of Ruben “Hurricane” Carter, and how the power of his words and thoughts became more important than his ability to fight.  It was a powerful story, and it just fit. I pride myself on punches (punchlines) but I want to be known more so for my content. Around 2009 I cut it short to Cane.  But growing up, I had a lot of corny aliases. Big Trolley was probably the worst. Haha. One of my childhood friends gave me that one.

Cornell Da Gr8: Do you find it more difficult being a white rapper over a black rapper? Does the public make assumptions about your music before they listen to it?

Cane: I really don’t think so anymore. There have been so many white rappers coming into the game it doesn’t even matter what color you are. If you can rap, and you can market yourself, that’s that.  However, the public is quick to make assumptions based on the wrong things. If you’re white and you rap fast you must be Yelawolf or MGK. But that’s really not a race thing. The media just always finds the need to play the comparison game, and that gets annoying no matter who you are.

“The Appetizer”


Cornell Da Gr8: Who was your favorite artist when you were growing up?

Cane: L.L. Cool J. He was the first rapper that really made me want to be an emcee.  I had the Kangol and the one pant leg up and all that.  I know I looked stupid as hell, but I wanted to be L.L. Nas, Outkast, Fugees, Pun, Bone Thugs, and Wu- Tang was also huge for me.

Cornell Da Gr8: Did you play any sports when you were younger? Will you let your child play football after recent news dealing with Junior Seau’s death and concussion studies connecting to football?

Cane: Football was life growing up. My dad was a high school football coach, so I grew up around it all.  I played from as far back as I can remember and throughout college. I don’t have kids, but I will definitely encourage my child to play football. It’s a physical sport and we all know the dangers of it when we sign up to play. You are going to get hurt and you’re going to get a few concussions, but it is a beautiful game.  And most of the life lessons I’ve learned were through playing football.  But the helmet technology is only getting better, so hopefully by the time I have kids, concussions won’t be as big of a problem.

Cornell Da Gr8: Do you have any rituals before you go on stage? Do you still get nervous every time you perform?

Cane: I always get a little nervous. It’s a similar feeling I used to get before football games; and I love that I can still feel that on some level. I don’t drink or smoke before I go on stage. I just drink water and relax with my team.

Cornell Da Gr8: I noticed you mentioned the alcoholic drink White Russian in your Kelly Kapowski video. Is that your favorite alcoholic drink or are you more of a cold brew guy?

Cane: The White Russian is one of my favorites, but my number one is crown and coke.  But when I don’t go top shelf in the liquor store I go bottom shelf at the gas station, and grab a 211, Hurricane, or OE.

Cornell Da Gr8: Are there any artist that you liked when you are younger that you are embarrassed about now?

Cane: New Kids on the Block… Haha

Cornell Da Gr8: Who is going to win the NBA finals? Who are you rooting for?

Cane: OKC. I’d like to see them do it. They’re a young, athletic, exciting team to watch.

Cornell Da Gr8: Any final thoughts? Shoutouts and such?

Cane: Destruction is coming May 20th. My release party is May 19th at 9:30 at the Sports Zone in Fredericksburg. If you are in the DMV area, come on through! Download my music at Shout out to my whole team who’ve been working extremely hard these past few months!

“I Do Work”