The Playlist: Zoo Kid, Big Baby Gandhi, & V-Na$ty

I told you I would be doing more columns like this right? You probably didn’t notice; I understand. In this edition of The Playlist, I literally just looked at the last 100 songs played on my iPod Android and picked out the most interesting ones. I could have picked out a song like this one because it was also in that last 100, but classical music on a site that also has booty pics would make people’s heads explode. Music time.

Zoo Kid – “Out Getting Ribs”

“Out Getting Ribs” originally came out in late 2010, but I still listen to it every now and then (Plus people are still talking about it like here or here). The song is kinda retro maybe even a little drug inspired, but never the less dope (The music video kinda has that odd/dope feeling too). The young British singer/ginger kid recently changed his name to King Krule, but he was Zoo Kid when this shit came out so I’m going with that name here. – Download

Big Baby Gandhi – “Other Jackets”

“Other Jackets” by Big Baby Gandhi was one of my favorites of last year but sadly I never threw it up on the site. I know he recently released a new track with his co-signers Das Racist that’s pretty good and I even put his last mixtape in The Forums, but none of his new stuff matches this. – Download

V-Na$ty feat. Gucci Mane – “Swobbin’ (Remix)”

Yea, I kinda swore off ever posting another thing related to V-Na$ty in the past. But to be technical, this is a remix of the first post and sadly “Swobbin'” is still a very guilty pleasure of mine. Besides all that, Gucci Mane‘s verse here is hands down the best of his career (And I’m not even a Gucci fan). If they would have put this track on that terrible BAYTL album, it would’ve at least had one listenable track.  – Download